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Images from Ni Shun-Ten Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibition jointly with ESA Exhibition

We present some images preview of the stones displayed in the ESA exhibition in Munich and in  the concomitant  event Ni Shun-Ten. Images and comments on the event will find ample space in the next AIAS News letter  n.14 of Summer 2006.

Images from ESA Exhibition

The biseki stone of Mr.Giuseppe De Vita, winner of the AIAS Trophy 2005

The stones of the A.I.A.S. members


The stone of Mr. Angelo Attinà


The stones of Mr. Giuseppe De Vita


The stones of Mr. Vito Di Venere


The stones of Mr. Marino Nikpal


BCI President Award


The stones of Mrs. Luciana Queirolo


The stones of the "Club Unici di Liguria"

Images from Ni Shun-ten Exhibition


Tokonoma of welcome : Mr. Shozo Tanaka.

Cherry tree, suiseki, scroll and accent plant

Stone : Liguria-Italy. Daiza : Italy

Tokonoma displayed by Mr. Arishige Matsuura.

Stone: Toyama-ishi, Japan, Kyoto.

Daiza: Japan

Winning stones

1°) Mizutamari-ishi.
Mr. Jean M.Guillaumond. Stone:Frankreich
.Daiza : Sean Smith.
  2°)  Mr. Michal Sebo.
3°) Toyama-ishi.
Mr. Shozo Tanaka.(AIAS).
Stone: Liguria-Italy.
Daiza: Italy

 E & A Lehener.
 Stone and daiza: Japan
  Toyama-ishi: a limpid night.
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo.
Stone: Liguria-Italy. Daiza: Luciana Queirolo

Mrs. Gudrun Benz.
Stone: China-Lingbi. Daiza: China
Mr. Willi Benz.
Stone: Indonesia. Suiban: tokoname

Mr. Karel Serak.
Stone: Tschechien.
 Suiban: Klika&Kuratkova
  Enchanted landscape.
Mr. Marino Nikpal.
Stone: Tuscan-Italy.
Daiza: Marino Nikpal

Mrs. Brigitte Notter. Stone and daiza: Japan

In Parabiago (Milan) has taken place the 7th International Meeting of Bonsai and Suiseki - Crespi Cup 2006


A group photo :
 the winner of the Crespi Suiseki Cup 2006, Mr. Claudio Villa, with Mrs. Luciana Queirolo , Mr.Angelo Attinà and some members of the Bonsai and Suiseki Club of Forlì, intervened to the Crespi Cup.

1st Prize Crespi Suiseki Cup 2006


A corner of the Crespi garden


Mr. Claudio Villa  and Mr. Willi Benz , honor guest , judge and lecturer


We do not have the names of the owners, being stones exhibited anonymous. We have, however, recognized  some of the AIAS members.


Mr. Amedeo Ducoli


Mr. Francesco Artifoni

 Mr. Carlo Laghi

Mr. Ezio Piovanelli

Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

Mr. Marino Nikpal

Mr. Angelo Attinà

Mr. Claudio Villa

Mr. Nicola Crivelli


Mr. Primangelo Pondini

Mr. Primangelo Pondini
1st prize in the “Landscape Stone” category  in the AIAS Congress 2004

Suiseki of an AIAS member

 Exhibited in the AIAS 2004 Congress

Mr. Michael Sebo
AIAS 2005 plaque to the ESA exhibition  in Arco di Trento

Yagata-ishi  of  Mr.Sonzini exhibited to the UBI 2005 Contest

Yadori-ishi : a refuge stone




Japanese stone, exhibited to the
 Ni-Shun Ten 2006 , ESA exhibition

Dan–Seki of Mr. A.Lehener , Award of the BCI President

Mr. Attilio Valdifiori, AIAS member


Mr. Ettore Gardini, AIAS member



The Award of the 2006 Crespi Bonsai Cup has been assigned to the Bonsai Master Mr. Sandro Segneri, founder and teacher of the “Bonsai Creativo” School

Crespi Shohin Trophy

Melegnano, October 29th 2006 : description of one day exhibition

We receive by the President of the Bonsai and Suiseki Club of Melegnano Mr. Gian Luigi Enny  and publish with pleasure  the report of the annual exhibition of the Club , which was held on October 29th 2006  under the arcades of the Melegnano Commune.


The preparations already start in the day of Saturday with the fitting of the tables and the placing of the curtains, the weather seems to be promising, a fine tepid sun heats our preparations, wellbeing is high especially among  young men, everything let us hope all goes well.


Instead, just at the first lights of the daybreak on Sunday , it is evident that things are going wrong,  for first thing the return to the solar time. Some members do not remember of the change  and arrive  on the spot well in advance, others are late on account of a tick fog that just in that day decided to fill the Lower Milanese  area and does nor allow the arrival in time  (I am one of them), in few words the exhibition opens at 09.30 instead of 8 o’clock.

Finally, at 10.30 hrs., the sun peeps out, it seems that someone up there has decided to help us. Meantime at this hour many persons , also on account of the local market, start to have a look and poke the nose in the exhibit, the members  as always are available to reply the questions of various persons rather interested by the shape and by the colours of the suiseki (for many of them is a novelty), someone  is also prepared to join the Club.



A substantial number of visitors starts to visit around 11.30 hrs. when the most part of them comes out from the church after the religious ceremony  and also the town’s authorities with the Major ahead do honour us of a visit congratulating with us for our effort and asserting that the whole town benefits of such cultural initiatives!

After all, all things considered, we are persuaded that in spite of the fog and of the time change it turned not so bad.

At 13.30 hrs. when the last curious thinned away we decided to clear away.

We greet each other quickly loading everyone his own things with the promise to see again at our Club in a next meeting to sum up.

                                                   Gian Luigi Enny



In Cusercoli (Forlì) the exhibition of “The Romagnans"

The suiseki enthusiasts of Forlì,  known in the habitat with the name of “The Romagnans “in the days of Sunday 12th    and 19th  have shown their stones in the premises of the “Cusercoli Castle”.

The exhibit arrived at the 3rd edition has presented, to the numerous public there  gathered, recent stones and not of the Bonsai and Suiseki Clubs’ members of Forlì (among them 7 are entered to the A.I.A.S.).

In this edition the A.I.A.S. member Mr. Ettore Gardini has had the honour to present on the entrance  tokonoma  his stone Mount Fuji , a landscape stone with classic contours.

The exhibition has taken place in the circle of the “Bidente Feast of the Truffle” arrived to its 16th edition.



The public               




The stones of Mr. Ettore Gardini   

Landscape stone
"Machu Picchu"
Landscape stone
"Mount Fuji"
Object stone
"Zen Monk"
The stones of Mr. Carlo Laghi


Stone to admire
"The dance of the snake"
Stone to admire
"The dance of the snake"

Landscape stone
"The solitude valleys"
Landscape stone
"The moving line of the horizon"

Biseki stone
"The cobweb"
Landscape stone
"St. Martin's summer"
Le pietre di Mario Martelli


Object stone
"The walker"
Object stone
The stones of Mr. Primangelo Pondini


Landscape stone
"Shining dawn"
Landscape stone
"Over the summits"
             Landscape stone
The stones of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori

Landscape stone
"The house of the gods"
Landscape stone
The stones of Mr. Mario Valgiusti


Landscape stone
The stones of Mr. Claudio Villa


Landscape stone
"At the moonlight"
Stone to admire
"At a step from the summit"
             Shelves category 
"A glance on the track"

 Shelves category 
"A glance on the track"
 Shelves category 
"A glance on the track"
 Shelves category
"A glance on the track"

In Rivalta near Turin, the 11th I.B.S. Congress

The 10th anniversary from the foundation of the National College of Bonsai and Suiseki instructors has been  celebrated in Rivalta near Turin , during the 11th I.B.S. Congress.

To the instructors members since its formation, the I.B.S. has presented a golden pin badge.

Three are the senior instructors for suiseki : Mrs. Chiara Padrini, Mrs. Luciana Queirolo,  Mr. Andrea Schenone.

The I.B.S. has given us a privileged gift inviting Mr.  Sean Smith, famous  expert of suiseki  and manufacturer of daiza  officially recognized in Japan.

During the two days of  the  Convention ,  Sean has held articulate lectures  on various themes,  both practical and  philosophic; experiences personally lived by him:

1) The Japanese Art of suiseki : introduction.

2) The manufacturing of the daiza :  in the workshop of Mr.Koji Suzuki, Hamamatsu, Japan.

3) Experiences on  Zen and Suiseki : in the Daitokoji Temple in Hoshyuin, Kyoto, Japan.

4) The realization of the daiza  for a Japanese suiseki, offered then to the I.B.S. and awarded  with a silent auction.

5) Comments on the stones exhibited.

In the workshop of Mr.Koji Suzuki, Hamamatsu, Japan :
 the daiza kept  in the vice…..of the feet !
 In the Daitokoji Temple in Hoshyuin, Kyoto, Japan.
The realization of the daiza  :



Four instructors of suiseki, members of A.I.A.S., present to the Convention: Mr. Angelo Attinà, Mr. Ezio Piovanelli , Mrs. Luciana Queirolo, Mr. Andrea Schenone.

The landscape suiseki of  Angelo Attinà has received  the BCI President Award.

In Bratislava the first Exhibition of Slovak Suiseki Association

The 1st independent exhibition of Slovak Suiseki Association was held in show room of  L. Stur in University library in Bratislava from 27th till 29th July 2006.
Except of stones there were shown also publications with thema of suiseki.
Main exhibition organizer was Mr. Michal Šebo, the longstanding member of European suiseki association and the president of Slovak suiseki association coupled with Mrs. Ella Göerner.
Along with Slovak creators of suiseki also Mr. Igor Barta and Mrs. Sarka Cermakova and Mr. Antonin Krejcir from Czech Republic and Mrs. Luciana Queirolo and Mr. Angelo Attinà and Mr. Giuseppe De Vita from Italy took part in this exhibition. Thanks to its location, as University library is straight in the centre of Bratislava on pedestrian precinct, many people visited this exhibition.
Notations in visitor´s book show evidence of the fact that this exhibition was visited by guests not only from Bratislava but also by guests from Japan, China, Vietnam, USA and France.
Even if this exhibition with its area and duration was not so great but it helped very significantly to the publicity of the suiseki art. For all that thanks go not only to organizers of the exhibition but also to all exhibitors and guests and visitors and sponsors of this interesting exhibition.
Some suiseki in exhibition :

Article “not to loose” about the Suiseki on the Review “BONSAIItalia-Art and Nature”

On the No.4 , X Year, of the Review: “BONSAIItalia-Art and Nature” you’ll find the first part of a long article “Not to loose” about the importance and the meaning of the Suiseki , in the oriental tradition. 
The article is by Prof. Giangiorgio Pasqualotto, teacher of Philosophy and Aestetics to the Faculty of Letters at the University of Padova , author, among other things of :
Aestethics in the Oriental Cultures
 (Venice, Marsilio editor , 1st ed.1992 , 4th ed. 2004).

"BONSAIItalia – Art and Nature" is a bi-monthly review distribuited by subscription. Every number contains at least one article regarding the suiseki. 

Subscription office c/o Aias member Mrs. Paola Gramigni – via di Rocca Tedalda Street no.23 – 50136 Firenze – Phone & Fax no. 055-6503775.

The stones of the Club Unici di Liguria have been in exhibition from 28th to July 30th at Sarzana

28-30 July 2006
Sarzana (La Spezia)

The Suiseki Club Unici di Liguria, in cooperation with the town of Sarzana , has organized  the VIII Exhibition of Suiseki. 

Among the stones exhibited by the members we want to publish the images of those less known or of recent acquisition.







News and images by X° National UBI Congress and ESA Convention 2006

Alberobello,  June 1st - 4th 2006

X° National UBI Congress

On occasion of the UBI Decennial, the  2006 UBI catalogue is edited enriched with a special Section “Bonsai Master” dedicated to the bonsai plants (autochthonous) awarded during the UBI Congresses from 1997 to 2006 years and officially recognized by UBI as Important Italian Bonsai Exemplars.

Every UBI member has right to a copy of the Catalogue “Best UBI Bonsai and Suiseki” of the present year plus 4 numbers of the review “UbiBonsai.it”. The catalogues can in addition be purchased separately.

For information apply to: UBI – Via Brodolini 14 – 63020 Montappone (AP)


For the Suiseki section , the UBI Award 2006 has been assigned to “The rock of the dragon” of  Mrs.Luciana Queirolo.  The UBI Mentions of Merit have been assigned  to “The refuge” of Mr. Angelo Attinà and to “The Storm” of  Mr. Jesus Revuelta


The prize “AIAS plaque” in the UBI Exhibition.

“Full moon over the sea”.

Chinese Biseki stone of Mrs. Maria Rosa Bonet


The images of the stones admitted to the UBI Congress 2006 are published on the Aias News Letter “Summer 2006” on kind permission of the UBI President Dr. Amleto Della Rocca.


E.S.A. Convention 2006


AIAS plaque 

to Mr. Fabrizio Buccini

“The great white guard”

 Origin : Italy

BCI President Award
to M.Rosa Bonet
“Waterfall stone”
 Origin : Japan
IBS plaque
to Mr. Willi Benz
Green Jade Mountain” Origin : California (USA)

The stones of the E.S.A. members


The stones of  Mr.Angelo Attinà


The stone of  Mr.Igor Barta


The stone of  Mr.Sergio Bassi


The stones of Mr.Willi Benz


The stone of  Mrs.Sarka Cermakova


The stones of Mr.Giuseppe De Vita


The stones of  Mr.Vito Di Venere


The stones of Mr.Marino Nikpal


The stones of Mr.Ezio Piovanelli


The stones of Mrs.Luciana Queirolo


The stones of the "Club Unici di Liguria"

Suiseki in Rome

The Cultural Association of Bonsai Rome has offered the chance to participate,  as AIAS Association,  to the XIII Spring  Bonsai Exhibition 2006  held  together  with The Department of  Vegetable Biology  of  “ La Sapienza“ University , in the Botanical Garden of  Rome.

Mr. Vito Di Venere has accepted  “the burden” to represent us and his competence has yielded him “the honour” to win the plaque  Award for the best display” as best Tokonoma presented.

The course of the 2006 Spring Bonsai Exhibition in the Botanical Garden could not have a better natural setting , as shown by the multitude of an enthusiast and numerous of public visitors.

“Fishermen’ island” by Mr.Vito Di Venere

The balance of this experience in Rome is surely positive. Mr. Vito Di Venere has had the chance to divulgate the suiseki art to a public between inquisitive and enthusiast and has put the basis for a  subsequent  cooperation between the Associations.

"Tribute to Hokusai”  by Mr.Vito Di Venere

Mr. Vito Di Venere is awarded by Prof. Loretta Gratani, Director of the Botanical Garden.

Award to the best “Tokonoma” display to “Tribute to Hokusai”  by Mr.Vito Di Venere.
Mr.Vito Di Venere and Mr. Enrico Sallusti, President of Cultural Associaton Bonsai Rome

(The images are kindly been granted by the Cultural Association Bonsai Rome)

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