How to receive the newsletter by e-mail about news published on the website Vsana

Mr. Thomas Elias, Chairman of Viewing Stone Association of North America, uses the newsletter system to inform members on updates, news, initiatives and changes on his website Below, the invitation of Mr. Elias and how to receive the Newsletter.

February 1, 2016
Dear Stone Connoisseur,
The Viewing Stone Association of North America (VSANA) web site,

provides accurate, detailed information about the art of stone appreciation throughout the world.  We are expanding to include Japanese viewing stones and suiseki in February, 2016.  Additional information about Japanese stones will be added throughout the year.  Our web site is updated each month.

We feature a new stone of the month, feature article, book reviews, where to see and buy stones, news and events, and a huge gallery of photographs of stones from seven countries.  In 2016, we will expand the scope of VSANA to include additional countries.
If you would like to receive our monthly notices about updates and special features, please send your name and e-mail address to Tom Elias at  There is no cost for access to this information and we do not sell or share our mailing addresses with others. 
Last month, we had over 5,000 visits from people in approximately 120 countries who saw our site.

Thomas Elias
Viewing Stone Association
of North America