Mr.Carlo Laghi relates the 8th Suiseki Exhibition-Parade at Cusercoli Castle

 View of Cusercoli Castle

13th and 20th  November 2011 
8th Suiseki Exhibition-Parade “ Castle of Cusercoli”

Castle of Cusercoli - (Forlì - Cesena)

Report by Mr. Carlo Laghi


Eight years have elapsed since when we, members of the Forlì Bonsai Club, decided to organize an exhibition  entirely dedicated to Suiseki.
The exhibition ,  programmed   on calendar  towards the end of the year ,   aimed to summarize  the action of its members   in the  suiseki field, tanks  to the help of the “Pro Loco Chiusa D’Ercole”   whom put at  disposal  the premises  just restored  up  to the Cusercoli Castle.
As dates we choosed the two November  Sundays  riserve to the  local “Feast of the  white vintage truffle of  Romagna”; this  event really attracted many people  who  did not know at all what  Suiseki  was.

So the spreading of this art started  and together  to it  also our  experience  and knowledge. The new findings  allowed  the public to examine  always new stones . In the last years we have improved  the  organizing  and divulgative aspect :  we have changed the  expository rooms, the television  with  the video cassette  recorder has given place  to the computer and to a pen-drive of a few centimeters  with a much higher content.

The scrolls with paintings , the haiku , the  judgements  of a friend  on the exhibition  are recent  things .
The advertising  posters  are a  novelty of this year :  as can be seen  from the photos , they are a summary  of all stones exhibited in all these years. With an acceptable  cost they have solved our  advertising problems  in our town , people  at once realize  what are Suiseki  and they come up with more  enthusiasm .




The premises of the exhibition : the fittings.




This year , in addition to Mr. Ulisse  and Mrs. Marzia Maccaferri  also  Mr. Claudio and Mrs. Cristina Nuti, have visited us, and all together  we  and them , have  spent  two days  of chattering, of plans for the future  and  also of libations.
Let us come to the stones  in exhibition : the 24 stones  have been  examined  by Ulisse as  judge, but  the  attendance of Claudio has  allowed u sto ask him a disinterested  judgement , which has roughly reflected that of Ulisse.



The  difficult  task of the examinators

As best stones have been  chosen :
“Far away summits”,   landscape stone  of Mr. Carlo Laghi
The dragon”,  object stone  of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori (stone voted also by the  public)
Oriental visions” ,  multi stand of Mr. Claudio Villa.
Mentioned    “Promise of life”  object stone of Mr. Ettore Gardini and  “Signs of violent wind”  ,  landscape stone of Mr. Claudio Villa.
The evening  was concluded, as always, with legs under the table  in the restaurant  riserve to us, “ The Picina”,   excellent the  menù proposed  to us.
Next year….. will surely see some further novelties.

Mr. Carlo Laghi

The suiseki in exhibition

The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Alberto Barduzzi



"Dark mountain"



"I am the hearth" 

The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Franco Berti


"Mount Fuji" 


The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Ettore Gardini


"Promise of life" 

Mention of merit

"The time ... sun, water and wind"



 The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Carlo Laghi


"Far away summits" 

Best landscape stone


"Madonna of the snows" 


"Fishermen' island" 



"A beautiful day" 

"A beautiful day" 
A particular


"A beautiful day" 
A particular

"A beautiful day" 
A particular


"A beautiful day" 
A particular

"A beautiful day" 
A particular

The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Primangelo Pondini


"The stone collector" 


"Inaccesible summits"


"The mesa" 



 The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Danilo Pretolani


"Inviolate heights" 






The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Attilio Valdifiori


"The dragon" 

Best object stone


"Gentle mountains" 


"The dog"

The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Claudio Villa


"Oriental visions" 

Best multi stand


"Oriental visions

A particular

"Oriental visions

A particular

"Oriental visions

A particular


"Sign of violent wind" 

Mention of merit

"The geisha nod" 


The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Vincenzo Ziliotti


"Ecce die"