Igor Barta

I were born with the passion for the stones and I have collected them perhaps from the time I have learned to walk.
Speaking seriously, I have interest in Suiseki Art since 1998, year when I built my first daiza. Manufacturing daiza also belongs to my big hobby. For me it's inspiring and of great satisfaction the use of the most varied techniques of making wood carving, the search of new forms and cognitive deepening on the necessary trials for the superficial finishing of the wood.
Even if my collection is composed by the most varied styles and materials, the stone from the dramatic form and from the rough surface it is nearest to my heart: these stones are the accurate portrait of the Nature, cruel and together beautiful.

Photo 1

Photo 2


Photo 3

Photo 4

Both the pattern porcelain-stone, (photo 1-2) and the two stones of human form (photo 3-4) are aboriginal of Czech Republic . These last are sandstones originated by transformation of pyrite marcasite minerals amalgamated, with the minerals crystallization, with sand and where the mastic is blende.
Currently, I am component of Czech Republic Bonsai Association Committee and I represent the Suiseki section. 
I belong to the new Czech Suiseki Association, of Suiseki Slovak Association and of European Suiseki Association.
I write in specialized gazette and I have taken care, together with Karel Šerák of the dedicated Suiseki Chapter of the book of Jaroslav Pišta: " Bonsaje nejen v paneláku" printed in 2004.