Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

Qualified as a teacher of artistic subjects.    
First exposed stones : Spring 1988
President of the Club “Unici di Liguria”, founder member in 1991.
President of the National Association “A.I.A.S.” since October 2004 and founder member in 1997.
I.B.S. Instructor and Judge.
U.B.I. Expert and Judge.
I take care of editing the A.I.A.S. Newsletter and Website.
I collaborate in publications and in national website.
In 1995 I have conceived and produced “The Stone Alive” in Video and DVD version.
But you : when you take in your hands a stone, how do you see it? What do you want ?
An inactive and solid block to build? A thin disk that bounces more and more times on the wave crest? A talisman from distant earths? So much to start , for me the stone is a “Material” , originating   from a transformation still active.
Million years are an infinity for us that stand here for a puff.
The Nature has times and ways that we often try to force, often getting that it disastrously degenerate.
“Material” : it is mud and water, metals and sediments, amalgamated, silted and compressed , modeled , exposed to every trauma up to the consumption ….. again ready for the following cycle.
Million years have passed and so many other will pass…
We happened to find one, in that precise instant, on the way of that stone and now we change the course of it; stripping  it of its humble suits, we make a suiseki of it : co-Authors of this natural miniature world that sensitizing us , it whets the awareness to form part of it . We will fondly take care of our stones, in waiting that it acquires Koshoku, with real or apparent ancientness. Is Suiseki an Art form ? Too much it is said on this, in good and in evil.
The stone as Material, on which temptation to intervene is strong. Material as "Clay", then...
"Clay" : dampened, amalgamated, modeled; again sprinkled, caressed, vigilantly followed for a slow drying , stopped in the form and in the material transformation by the heat of fire.
Often object of common use, it wears out and it crumble away, for someone it is for throwing out; for others it also acquires patina and venerability.
The man and the Clay work look to the same clock : the Clay satisfies his haughtiness, in a temporal cycle bearably brief, allowing him to create from dust. And the Artist , at the top of his own inspiration , can at times convey  in it a small soul.
"To learn, to teach Suiseki."
To accept and to assimilate with deference what the Expert affirms , it doesn’t render  us good divulgers, if we don’t learn to explore the stone language and its messages.
I love to share emotions that I feel and I am tense to gain the others emotions.
The Rules are the summary of past and authoritative experiences.
They accompany and lead us along our personal way. They have to be accepted as conclusion of a logical reasoning : assumed not like a medicine of which we ignore the ingredients or how a “Verb” expressed in an unknown language.
A suiseki should have the feeling strings vibrated; to express an emotion that every observer can recognize , transporting him in a state of grace; a universal motion of the soul, a Season atmosphere, a faith...
then each one will identify, in the evoked image and in himself , personal memories.
The immensely great, contained between your hands: you can find a small world, also digging in a fistful of earth.