Porcari (Lucca) 12nd - 13rd Ottobre 2013
XVIII National Congress of Bonsai and Suiseki Instructors
at the “Giuseppe Lazzareschi Foundation “ premises
 Photo by Mrs. Luciana Queirolo
Mr. Sandro Segneri, IBS President, had written :
“The sole aim  of this Congress  is to promote  the  Bonsai  and Suiseki culture. The congressional   activities will therefore propose ,  in addition to the exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki exemplars,  didactical activities  which render usable the approaching to the two arts .”

And  Mr.  Massimiliano Bertini,  president of the “Cultural Association of Bonsai Lucca”, young reality  born at beginning of 2013 , writes :
“Two days which we will remember for long time , two days  which have made us grow; the plates, in themselves are not important but it is important what there is behind, it is important to have in some way contributed to   the culture, essential  for understanding deeply a so ancient  art which still with difficulty  we succeed to signify  with our plants.


I am happy to have heard encouraging words by the president of IBS  Sandro Segneri, who urged us to try something more deep in the Bonsai  and not only something of botanical  technique”.
For the Suiseki the  IBS Instructor Chiara Padrini  has  participated to the event , in addition to Angelo Attinà, Ezio Piovanelli, Luciana Queirolo , IBS Instructors and AIAS members.
No IBS plate has been granted, therefore, out of the annual Scholarship.
Chiara Padrini , as BCI  director  for the suiseki , has assigned two BCI  Honour  medal to a Bonsai and  to the  Suiseki “ The wave” of Ezio Piovanelli.
 The exemplars in exhibition

"The step of the giant tortoise"
Luciana Queirolo
Jiegou stone - China

“Sweet landscape”
Mr. Angelo Attinà
Malachite on matrix
of Mrs. Chiara Padrini 

“The wave “
Mr. Ezio Piovanelli


Mrs. Chiara Padrini
Dahua river stone


 "The Life"
Mr. Angelo Attinà


"Waterfall Stone"
Mr. Ezio Piovanelli