Brushing up old photos, reliving happy moments and ancient laurels

Going back in time we are obliged to reduce , in these pages, the space dedicated to the most distant editions; please , those who will not have remembered their own stone, do not criticize;  in facts we will only reproduce the suiseki which have been awarded with the first place in every category.
The awarding method used in the A.I.A.S. exhibitions aims at recognizing merit to a considerable number of stones and consequently , to members: for every category a first, a second and a third place is awarded. Only one stone is appointed as the Best among those exhibited  in the contest and winning the A.I.A.S. Trophy  (a cup  which remains on consignement to the winner until next edition of the contest and whose name is impressed on the pedestal);  in addition  to  this prize other special awards are granted by the other Offices and Associations.
The most expert members, (called,  when necessary, to make part in the jury) cannot partecipate to the contest  but they can however equally exhibit , paying the normal registration fees. This rule has been introduced not so many years ago but it is an essential example of impartiality.
The jury is composed by three persons : International Expert Guest, IBS instructors, members of the A.I.A.S. chosen with turnover system , the A.I.A.S. President in charge. In presence of important  International Experts, the remaining components of the jury act as observers and support. The only exceptions occurred are Mr.Ulisse Maccaferri and Mr.Marco Favero who usually teach in local clubs.
Before reconstructing the legs of the journey undertaken by A.I.A.S. (and we with it) , we want to remember the Guests and thank them once more . They have deeply contributed to enrich  our way of growing. A thank is also due to all suiseki enthusiasts who have devoted their time  and cooperation to the Association ,with a personal spirit of sacrifice , for the benefit of all.



October 9th - 10th - 11th 1998
The first Congress took place in Castelfranco Emilia, supported by the “Landlords” : the friends of  The ABC Bonsai Club.
October 9th-10th 1999
The second edition of the Congress was again held in the premises of the office , always thanks to the availability and support of the ABC Bonsai Club  in Castelfranco.
September 22nd - 23rd - 24th 2000
The third edition of the A.I.A.S. Congress was held, thanks to the kind hospitality of the Club Bonsainsieme, in Carmagnola (Turin).

October 12th - 14th 2001
The A.I.A.S. was guest of the "Club Unici di Liguria",  the oldest Italian Suiseki Club. 
The Exhibition-Congress was held in the prestigious premises of the Geopaleontologic Castle-Museum  in Lerici ( La Spezia ).
October 26th - 27th 2002
The AIAS Trophy 2002: the fifth edition was again held in Castelfranco Emilia ( Modena ) in the premises and with the friends of the ABC Bonsai Club.
September 13th - 14th 2003
Carmagnola (Turin). The club Bonsainsieme renewed the availability to give us hospitality. The 6th edition of the Annual A.I.A.S. Congress was placed side by side, as on the year 2000, to the exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki of Bonsainsieme Club's members and of the Region Coordination,and the event, as usually, produced a wide public partecipation.
October 16th-17th 2004
The AIAS Congress 2004 and the ESA Exhibition/Congress have together given an extraordinary exhibition in the Crespi Bonsai Centre in Parabiago ( Milan).
October 7th-9th 2005
For the year 2005 we gone back to our home , at Castelfranco, in order to give some work to the friends of the ABC Bonsai Club and to our hard-working friend Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri, one among the most active and faithful members.
September 30th -October 1st 2006
Florence , the welcome of the ATABS’members, a special and competent friend and ….we! We could not wish more!
October 19th-21st 2007
We could’nt but meet us in Castelfranco, at our seat, to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.
October 10th-12th 2008
This year hoisted by the “Valle d’Itria Bonsai Club”, associated member of A.I.A.S., to whom goes our warmest thank.
September 11th-13th 2009
...on the trail of enthusiasm caused by the acquisition of members beyond the Alps, we have accpted with 
some hesitancy but with great enthusiasm, the candidature presented by the Ticino Bonsai Club of Lugano.
April, 16th-18th 2010
The 2010 has been an important year and rather out of usual schemes for the AIAS Congress...
September, 17th-18th 2011
As you well know  the annual A.I.A.S. Congress is itinerant and this edition  has been organized  by the friends of the Associazione Toscana Amatori Bonsai e Suiseki (A.T.A.B.S.) in Florence. To remember our dearest friend recently deceased , it has been   set-up the  "Memorial Paola Gramigni".
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September, 29th - 30th 2012
This year our Annual Congress, usual itinerant showcase of Members Stones who for one year have engaged themselves in their research and preparation, has groved of a deep sense of continuity and hope.

September, 21st - 22nd 2013
The venue “Franchi”. It seems a word as many others : for we lowers of the Japanese culture, it means so much.
The family Franchi since the beginning of the ’80 years was known solely for the nurseries  and  the commerce of plants; then Costantino experienced the bonsai and become fond of it so to place together a fine number of exemplars.
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September, 27th - 28th 2014
The annual meeting  of A.I.A.S. members  has gathered us in Rimini , thanks to the  commitment  of the  Romagna Bonsai Club which organized in an impeccable way  every moment of the A.I.A.S. Congress.
October, 10th - 11th 2015
Another historical moment of our Italy has been the venue of the annual AIAS members’ meeting : the Monumental Cloister of Saint Francisco, in Aversa, where since the beginning of 1800  the enclosed Clarisse nuns  have lived  their existence devoted to God and that still offers a corner of peace  and meditation
September, 24th - 25th 2016
In 2016 , thanks to the hospitality  of the Gonzaga Bonsai Club , the AIAS Congress returns in Bondeno, under the Church which has become  a symbol of continuity  of the social life 2012-2016 : four years  of a firm reconstruction  after the earthquake of May 20th. The AIAS Congress was indeed hoisted  in 2012  in these same places  and the signs of the earthquake  were still visible and dramatic.
October, 7th - 8th 2017
This year, the A.I.A.S. has celebrated an important goal: twenty years together, made of meetings, friendships, stones and, unfortunately, goodbyes too. It is probably for this reason, that our president Mrs. Luciana Queirolo, one of the nine Founding Shareholders, felt the burden of these twenty years together, while recalling with great emotion those who are not with us anymore: the founding shareholder Mr. Angelo Attinà and those who have been friends and honor guests, Mr. Willi Benz and Mr. Felix Rivera.