Mr. Carlo Laghi relates about "Gonzaga 2009"

After the resolution and the green light of the A.I.A.S. Board in Alberobello 2008, I  with other  A.I.A.S. members have gathered on Saturday march 7th  at 8.30 hrs. in the new pavilion of the Millenary Fair of Gonzaga together with friends of bonsai.

The expositive spaces. 

There were present : Mr. Angelo Attinà, Mr. Cesare Fumagalli, Mr. Ettore Gardini, Mr. Carlo Laghi, Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri  and Club ABC Bonsai,  Mrs. Luciana Queirolo, Mr. Renzo Rabitti, Mr. Shozo Tanaka and  Amatori Bresciani, Mr. Attilio Valdifiori, Mr. Claudio Villa, with their stones  Mr. Luciano Ghetti and Mr. Primangelo Pondini  (for a total of 40 stones of AIAS members).

The garden at the entrance

The Gonzaga Bonsai Club  (organizing Club) has prepared and put at disposal ample spaces : at the entrance a garden with a waterfall, near two tokonoma , and at the four corners as many sale points of farmers plants, pots an tools.  On the background a table and so many chairs for the public, where the Bonsai Masters Mr. Giorgio Castagneri , Mr. Nicola Crivelli, and Mr. Fabrizio Buccini  for stones.
The food and drinks sector, where the members of the Gonzaga Club have feeded us with typical meals dishes of Mantova washed down with a very good lambrusco wine, was not missing.
A table was reserved to the stones of Mr. Buccini; finally the table where the Aias Secretariat was arranged: two logos at sides and a a computer with video 16/9 operating in Power Point and projecting a series of slides of gardens , of tokonoma and stones of the Aias members and others, with a background of Japanese music. Mrs. Luciana Queirolo has displayed her stones “The iced Land” and “The dragon’s rock”  in two tokonomas.

The A.I.A.S. Secretariat

The Public assists to the workshops. 

I was saying about Bonsai Masters : Mr. Giorgio Castagneri (IBS) has worked a chinensis, while Mr. Nicola Crivelli assisted by  Mr. Enzo Ferrari  of the Ticino Bonsai Club ( our next landlord for the A.I.A.S. Congress 2009 in Lugano in September).

All plants workshop’s passages have been told and explained by  Mrs. Laura Redini  (Organizers);  Mr. Fabrizio Buccini  instead , has dealt about stones and daiza.

Mr. Giorgio Castagneri and Mrs. Laura Redini

Mr. Fabrizio Buccini

Mr. Nicola Crivelli and Mr. Enzo Ferrari

Let’s us go now through food lunch breaks, in addition to the refreshments on opening ceremony, the lunch  and the dinner on Saturday , the lunch on Sunday (all offered by the  Gonzaga Bonsai Club)  : with our legs under the table we were bonsai and suiseki lovers over 60 on Saturday and
more then 80 on Sunday.
After the meals bottles of various distillates have passed among the tables : in my opinion the most delicate and   tonic resulted to be the “Ratafià” (distilled grappa with walnuts and various Spices) proposed by Mr. Enzo Ferrari from Ticino.

At the table!
A worm  thank  in addition to Mrs. Laura Redini (President) to all members of the Gonzaga Club who have excellently given hospitality .

On delivery of the participation’s plaques to us  and to the  various Club present  of the participations’ plaque  Mrs. Laura  who has renewed to us the invitation  for the next year  considering the results I really think we will not miss.

Mr. Carlo Laghi

The stones of the AIAS members

Club ABC Bonsai - Mr. Giorgio Serri
"Far away horizons"
Club Amatori Bresciani
"Alpine landscape"

Mr. Angelo Attinà
"Water streams"
Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

Mr. Ettore Gardini
"Zen Monk"
Mr. Luciano Ghetti

Mr. Carlo Laghi
"Eroded by the wind"
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri
"Madame Butterfly"

Mr. Primangelo Pondini
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo
"The dragon's rock"

 Mr. Renzo Rabitti
Mr. Attilio Valdifiori

 Mr. Claudio Villa
"Water way"

The other stones exhibited


 Mr. Fabrizio Buccini

Mr. Giorgio Luppi (Helen Bonsai)



 Mr. Claudio Pecol
"Woman with mantle"

Mrs. Laura Redini (Club Gonzaga President)



Mr. Daniele Salvietti