XV Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibition of the San Marino Coordination Emilia-Romagna

November 24th and 25th 2012
XV Bonsai and Suiseki  Exhibition 
of the San Marino Coordination Emilia-Romagna

 Report by Mr. Carlo Laghi

The annual appointment of the C.E.R.S.M., initially expected in September  in Ferrara , on account of the earthquake, has shifted to the end of November  organized by the Romagna Bonsai Club in Rimini.

The postponement has allowed to the visitors to observe the plants, and in particular the deciduous ones, in their winter  appearance : the missing of leaves , inevitably has laid bare and in evidence the smallest defect.


Eight Bonsai Clubs  and two Bonsai Schools there were present  for a total of 39 plants  and 27 stones  (the home Club has furthermore showed 16 bonsai and suiseki of members). The Clubs were allowed to present in contest 4 plants and 2 stones  each one : we of the Forlì Club , having especially lovers of stones , we have applied the primaries  and  for the stones those of Mr. Claudio Villa and Mr. Primangelo Pondini have participated to the contest.

  IThe work has allowed me to participate , and to attend only on Sunday.  As soon as arrived I have seen the stones , the plats, the fittings ,the working and lectures spaces, the secretary office:  we are speaking of the hall placed at the first floor in the building of the Arengo which looks on Cavour square right in the historical centre; an hall of high capacity  38 mts. long  and 14,50 mts. wide.

For the occasion tables for 90 linear mts. have been arranged, but further 10 linear mts. were available : do you imagine  an hall containing 100 exhibition places full of stones in a future AIAS Congress ??
The exhibition places
The Secretary office   The lectures space   The workshops space
The  regional Coordination  is reserved to the Clubs and to  their  members of the region and I  could never  have  expected to meet the AIAS member Mrs. Laura Monni , roman citizen here in Rimini. I had promised to the AIAS member Mr. Remo Cavalli, organizer of the event, that I should have attended to a lecture  and I would have talked about my experiences in the suiseki field and that I have done.  
The contest “Regional Talent”     The …speaker of the lecture
  At the end of the lecture I and the other members have met and talked with Mr. Hong and his daughter Miyuen  (Korean living in Milan who had already visited us at the 2011 Bonsai World in Gonzaga).

They had brought 7 stones  of which , in my opinion, 4 or 5 outstanding ones , and in the afternoon we have discussed of these stones  for a couple of hours.

They  will be revisiting Bonsai World 2013 in Gonzaga.
 The stones of the friend Hong
AIAS has granted the patronage  to this event  because the Romagna Bonsai Club  is duly entered with the Association; the attendance of board members and old members has allowed to assign  the plate put at disposal  : for not facing discussions, it has been decided to exclude the stones, even superior , of AIAS members  and the plate has been presented  to the landscape stone of Mr. Valerio Perdonà.
The AIAS members, Mr. Remo Cavalli and Mr. Claudio Villa, deliver the AIAS plate to Mrs. Perdonà.       The stone winning the AIAS Plate.
The numerous visitors have chosen, as preferred stone,  the landscape “Stormy summits” of Mr. Claudio Villa,  already winner of the AIAS Trophy 2006.  Resuming for the report the winners :
For suiseki :

1°Mr. Claudio Villa with a landscape stone
2° Mr. Renzo Rabitti

with a landscape stone
3° Mr. Primangelo Pondini c

with a landscape stone
Aias Plate to Mr. Valerio Perdonà
Visitors’ Award  to Mr. Claudio Villa
For  bonsai :

1° Mr. Remo Cavalli  with a Korean hornbeam
2° Mr. Davide Cardin  with country elm
3° Mr. Fernando Poli with an acer
UBI Plate to Mr. David Cardin
IBS Plate to Mr. Robert Semprini
Memorial Faitanin of the RSM Club to Mr. Stefano Frisoni
CERSM Regional Talent to Mr. Enrico Masini
Visitors’ Award  to  Spazio Bonsai
  The plates   

The Aias member  Mr. Remo Cavalli , receives the plate 1st classified of Bonsai contest.

From my part I thank the organizer friend , together with his Club , to have involved me in this successful exhibition .
Mr. Carlo Laghi
The suiseki in display


Mr. Alberto Barduzzi


Mr. Alberto Barduzzi
"I am the hearth"

Mr. Rolando Calanca


Mr. Rolando Calanca
"Snowy peak"

Mr. Flavio Catrani

"Toward the future"

Mr. Flavio Catrani
 "Rocky mountains"

Mr. Remo Cavalli

Mr. Remo Cavalli

Mr. Remo Cavalli

"Intriguing presence"


Mr. Ettore Gardini
"The time... sun water and wind"
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri


Mr.Ulisse Maccaferri
  Landscape Stone

Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri
  Object Stone


Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri
  Landscape Stone

Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri
Object Stone


Mrs. Laura Monni

"Magic at Sesel"

Mr. Leo Mugellesi
 "Owlet "

Mr. Leo Mugellesi


Mr. Valerio Perdonà
  AIAS Plate

Mrs. Maria Petillo


Mrs. Maria Petillo
"The lion"

Mr. Primangelo Pondini
3° Prize
A patch of infinity"

Mr. Renzo Rabitti
2° Prize
"Lovers’ Cove"

Mr. Renzo Rabitti


Mr. Daniele Rinaldi
"St.Mary (At daybreak of a new world)"

Mr. Piero Torsani

Mr. Piero Torsani

Mr. Claudio Villa
1° Prize

"Red traces at sunset"

Mr. Claudio Villa
Visitors’ award
"Stormy summits"