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Associazione Toscana Amatori Bonsai e Suiseki
"Aquarium stone"

Club Bonsai e Suiseki Perla dello Jonio
"Ancestral landscape"
Italy ( Calabria )


Mr. Vito Di Venere

"Spiral evolution"
Italy ( Calabria )

Mr. Gian Luigi Enny

"The important thing is to dare"
Italy ( Lombardia )
Out of contest


Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

Italy ( Lombardia )

Mr. Valter Giumelli

"Between Earth and Sky"
Japan ( Sajigawa )


Mrs. Elvira Manuti

"Wind direction signal"
Italy ( Liguria )

Mr. Aldo Marchese

"Refuge of the soul"
Italy ( Salento Puglia )


Mr. Luciana Queirolo

"He is not rich who has more, but who needs less"
Italy ( Liguria )
Out of contest

Mrs. Laura Segna

"Between hope and reality"
Italy ( Lombardia )


Mr. Lorenzo Sonzini

"Primordial sunrise, magma boiling"
China ( Gobi desert - Alashan area )