IV° Trophy Town of Poppi: report of Mr.Marino Nikpal


June 6th - 7th 2009


“Town of Poppi”


Report by Mr. Marino Nikpal

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On 6th and 7th June 2009 in Poppi (AR) has taken place the annual rendezvous with the "City of Poppi Trophy" arrived  to its 4th edition.  The exhibition has, as always, been organized by the “Club Toshoo En” in the wonderful setting of the Poppi Castle, main monument of the Casentino, belonged to the Counts Guidi, which contrarily to all other castles and medieval architectures of the Region, has not been ruined by the time and by men since it has always been used as residence of the political or local administrative power and for this to day it can show off its beauty and stateliness in the Casentinese valley .

The Poppi Castle

Despite the severe weather, which has pursued in both the two days, there has been a good crowd  of public that has appreciated the displayed Bonsai and Suiseki.

On conclusion of the event the judge, Mr. Marino Nikpal, has granted the two first prizes to :

“Belvedere” of Mr. Ettore Gardini

“The wind’s silence” of Mr. Carlo Laghi

of Mr.Ettore Gardini
"The wind’s silence"
of Mr.Carlo Laghi

                                    The three mentions of merit have been assigned to :

Landscape stone
of Mr. Marco Bocci
"Sweet hills"
of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori
"In meditation"
of Mr. Claudio Nuti

The I.B.S. Plate have been assigned to :


of Mr. Carlo Laghi

The appointment is , as always, for next year.

The other displayed suiseki :


 of Mr.Sergio Bassi

Object stone

of Mr.Fabrizio Buccini

"Macchu Picchu"

 of Mr.Ettore Gardini


of Mr.Ettore Gardini


 of Mrs.Paola Gramigni

"The cave"

of Mr.Carlo Laghi

"The wayfarer" 

of Mr.Carlo Laghi

"Not only palombino"

of Mr.Marino Nikpal

"The ghost"

 of Mr.Claudio Nuti


of Mr.Claudio Nuti

"The king of the sea"

 of Mr.Cristiano Rosadini

"Where rivers flow"

 of Mr.Attilio Valdifiori

"The house of Gods"

 of Mr.Attilio Valdifiori