Report by Mr.Vito Di Venere

In the wonderful premises of Villa Bruno , Cultural Centre of the San Giorgio a Cremano  town (Na)  has taken place , on the 6th and 7th November 2010, the II National Exhibition "Kokoro-No Bonsai Ten 2010 : exhibition of the soul, of the mind and of the heart" of Bonsai and Suiseki excellently prepared  by the Napoli Bonsai Club Onlus,   thanks to the commitment  of  all its members who have  done their utmost in organizing  a fine exhibition  under various points of view.
The event, which had the sponsorships of the San Giorgio a Cremano Municipality, of the Naples Province, of the Naples Chamber of Commerce, of the Arfacid, in addition to the U.B.I., A.I.A.S., I.B.S. and of the media-review "Bonsai & Suiseki Magazine", has summed in the contest well 39 Bonsai and 14 Suiseki (of which 4 out of contest)  arriving  from various Italian Regions,  together  with workshops, lectures and video-projections  of many demostrators  who have interested  and involved  the large audience  of enthusiasts  and visitors attending  during the two fine days of  the exhibition. 
In addition  to the activities  relating to Bonsai and Suiseki, a series  of complimentary initiatives  have enriched  the program  of the event such as :
  • Direct manufactoring, on a specific  drawing of the customer, of a  large  and pleasant shape Bonsai pot with the plate technique, by the expert potter ceramist Mr. Tiberio Gracco, member of organizing Club; 
  • Complete manufactoring of a dai  in prezious wood  for a suiseki  by the expert Mr. Fabrizio Buccini; 
  • Demonstration of "Shodo" calligraphy  with exhibition of works  made by Mrs. Daniela Di Perna, disciple of the famous  Master Norio Nagayama;
  • Thematic lectures and video-projections by Mr. Antonio Ricchiari, Mr. Marco Tarozzo, Mr. Francesco Santini and Mr. Luca Bragazzi.
On Saturday evening , after the welcome cocktail party  offered  to many guests and visitors  and before a delightful "Gala dinner"  in the restaurant of the same Villa Bruno, there has taken place  the awarding eremony which, for the suiseki contest, presented the  following winners : 
  • A.I.A.S. plate  for the most deserving and amazing suiseki  in exhibition to the landscape stone (Mountain)  of Mr. Raffaele Cacace  with the intriguing poetic name " The heroic lie  of mother Elisabeth" (sole  judge Mr. Vito Di Venere) 
    The deserved success of the event is an implicit acknowledgement  for the organizers  an for the exhibitors, besides  a further  confirmation  that suiseki art  is involving always more and more new enthusiasts, premise of a new edition not to loose.
  • I.B.S.  Suiseki plate to the object stone (human shaped)  of Mr. Antonio Marino, with the poetic name "Buddha" (sole  judge Mr. Vito Di Venere)  

In addition  were also  assigned   the Organizing Club  suiseki plates  of "Kokoro-No Bonsai Ten 2010" by the judge Mr. Fabrizio Buccini  : 

  • 1st prize  to the landscape stone  (Mountains)  of Mr. Angelo Santoriello;
  • 2nd prize to the landscape stone  (Lake)  of Mr. Geppino Mauriello;
  • 3rd prize to the landscape stone (Island)  of Mrs. Daniela Schifano,  who also received a plate offered by the "Bonsai & Suiseki Magazine " (Judge Mr. Carlo Scafuri).



The suiseki in exhibition


1st Prize Suiseki
Kokoro-No Bonsai Ten 2010 Plate
Mr. Angelo Santoriello
"At dusk"

2nd Prize Suiseki
Kokoro-No Bonsai Ten 2010 Plate
Mr. Geppino Mauriello



3rd Prize Suiseki Kokoro-No Bonsai Ten 2010 Plate
Bonsai Suiseki Magazine Plate
Mrs. Daniela Schifano
"The unfound island"

A.I.A.S. Plate
Mr. Raffaele Cacace
"The heroic lie of mother Elisabeth"

I.B.S. Plate

Mr. Antonio Marino

Out of contest
Mr. Vito Di Venere
"Turtles island"

 Out of contest 
Mr. Vito Di Venere

"Mountain peaks"
Out of contest
Mr. Vito Di Venere
"Black dragon"
Out of contest
Mr. Fabrizio Buccini
Lake stone 
Mr. Raffaele Cacace
"Life, shape and colours"
Mr. Giuseppe De Gregori 
"The waiting"
Mr. Antonio Marino
Mr. Carlo Scafuri 
"Eneepah - Mirage island" 
Mr. Giuseppe Sorrentino
"Windy mountain"