The XIV U.B.I. Congress

San Marino Republic, April 16th-18th 2010

      XIV National U.B.I. Congress
A considereble increment in the participation of suiseki has marked this edition of the National U.B.I. Congress: in fact, well 26 stones have been presented in the contest,  evidence of an increasing interest of U.B.I. members  for the suiseki.
Mr. Andrea Schenone, I.B.S. instructor, has this year been the judg who has  displayed out of contest a Kikka seki  of chinese origin.

Mr. Ezio Piovanelli , I.B.S. instructor, has been entrusted by the U.B.I.  to comment the displayed stones
The U.B.I. has received the desidered, official acknowledgement  of  the sponsorship of the Ministery  for the Properties  and Cultural Activity with the "Prize -giving of the Ministery for  Properties and Cultural Activity of the Italian Republic" and of the Award  of the San Marino State Secretary  for the Culture.
To underline the great success  of this  event's edition, the UBI Board has decided to admit in the Catalogue , for this year, all displayed stones.

In addition to the U.B.I. awarding, the A.I.A.S. and I.B.S. plates have also  been granted by judges  Mr. Marino Nikpal, U.B.I. Vice President and I.B.S. instructor and by Mr. Angelo Attinà, I.B.S. instructor.

Suiseki in exhibition :

Out of contest
 Mr. Andrea Schenone

U.B.I. Suiseki Award 2010
Mr. Ettore Gardini


U.B.I. Mention of Merit
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo
U.B.I. Mention of Merit
Mrs. Daniela Schifano

I.B.S. Plate
Mr. Claudio Villa
A.I.A.S. Plate
Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

Mr. Domenico Abate
Mr. Lorenzo Agnoletti

Mr. Angelo Attinà
Mr. Paolo Bonaiuto

Mr. Gianni Bonato
Mr. Antonio Conte

Mr. Giuseppe Cordone
Mr. Giuseppe De Vita

Mr. Vito Di Venere
Mr. Enzo Ferrari

Mr. Carlo Laghi
Mr. Cosimo Loparco

Mr. Luigi Maggioni
Mrs. Elvira Manuti

Mr. Geppino Mauriello
Mr. Claudio Pecol

Mr. Gianni Picella
Mr. Ezio Piovanelli

Mr. Lorenzo Sonzini
Mr. Mauro Stemberger

Mrs. Grifa Tarluttini