Mr. Thomas Elias inform us about...
Mr.Thomas Elias and his wife Mrs. Hiromi Nakaoji, in the image on the left at the E.S.A. Congress in Ratingen,inform us about the birth of  VSANA, Viewing Stone Association of North America, a new web-based organization where visitors can learn about Asian stone appreciation focusing first on China where the practice originated.
"Our goal is to better understanding Chinese and other Asian countries precepts and principles relating to all aspects of appreciating natural stones as artistic objects. VSANA will attempt to disseminate this information to English speaking audiences worldwide.  Our first major effort is to launch a new web site
An advisory board of experts and leaders is assisting VSANA in maintaining, accurate, up-to-date information about Chinese stone appreciation and helping us in our efforts to promote traditional and modern views about these stones.  Featured articles, stone of the month, book reviews, historical information, galleries of stone types, news about current events and exhibits in China and other information will be posted on this web site.  New articles, reviews, and additional information will be added to the site approximately every six weeks.
Periodically, we will send out special messages, late breaking news, notices about major meetings and exhibitions.  If you would like to receive these notices from us, send us your e-mail address and we will add you as an online member.  Visit our site at and click the “contact us” button at the bottom of the home page.
Finally, we want this site to be as useful and as informative to our readers as possible.  To accomplish this, we need your comments, questions, and recommendations.  Visit us often and see this web site expand significantly throughout 2012."

Thomas Elias

Hiromi Nakaoji