The monthly "Bonsai and Suiseki Magazine" is just born.

We announce the issue on line of the first number of "Bonsai and Suiseki Magazine" another initiative of the very outstanding Forum of the Napoli Bonsai Club, associate member  of  A.I.A.S. 

As Mr. Carlo Scafuri says in his editorial, he too A.I.A.S.member:
"A new editorial adventure entirely dedicated to bonsai and suiseki starts today; a free and gratis magazine just born with the aim to contribute to the spreading of these noble arts..."  


The Magazine is visible and freely downloaded in Pdf format from the following link :
In addition to the editorials of Mr. Antonio Ricchiari, Mr.Luca Bragazzi and Mr. Carlo Scafuri, the first number has the following index: 
From Bonsai and Suiseki world
             “Japanese gardens” – Mr. G.L.Enny
             “The messenger” – Mrs. D.Schifano
Exhibitions and events 
                 “Sakka Ten Autumn Trees” – Mr. A.Zamboni
In the bookshop
                “Bonsai – "Techniques and secrets of cultivation ” – Mr. C.Scafuri
Bonsai ‘cult’
                 “Some fixed points” – Mr. A.Ricchiari, Mr. G.Genotti
My experience

                 “My little tale” – Mr. A.Defina

                Between saying and doing ” – Mr. D.Rubertelli
 To Suiseki lesson
                “How big?” – Mrs. L.Queirolo
At school of aesthetics
                "Notes on bonsai aesthetics” – Mr. A.Ricchiari
 The monthly species
                The trident maple ” – Mr. A.Acampora, Mr. A.Ricchiari, Mr. P.Strada
 Notes of cultivation
                 “The chemical fertilizers” – Mr. L.Bragazzi
 Bonsai Techniques
                 Wire application” – Mr. A.Acampora
Club's life
                 “Napoli Bonsai Club” – Mr. A.Acampora
What insect is it?    
                “Plant pathology 1st Part” - Mr. L.Bragazzi