A day at Castelfranco Emilia

Report by Mr. Carlo Laghi

We have gathered in 13  from Romagna, Tuscany, Liguria and Lombardia at the A.I.A.S. venue  in Castelfranco Emilia  on Sunday  October 17th : a light rain has gone along  with us all day long.  As arrived  we have unloaded boxes  with stones  to preview, ready for display  and completed with daiza, as well as a fair quantity  of pattern stones,  as pillow  basalt,  reddish sandstones  and other tipology  put at disposal  of participants  by Mrs. Luciana Queirolo.
A.I.A.S. members attending have not missed  the opportunity  to propose stones  for which a collective  evaluation  could resolve  doubts  or incertaineties :  in the left photo  Mrs. Luciana Queirolo studies a stone of Mr. Barduzzi.
The meeting was programmed  with the agenda : affinities  of tipologies, materials and colors between Italian and Oriental ones (Chinese and Japanese).

Luciana had prepared  a computer introduction  to put in comparison  the various stones and comment the various affinities and likeness.

An example for all : two stones , owned by Luciana Queirolo, showed  in a recent I.B.S. Congress :

The stone at left is Chinese , while the one at right side is a local "palombino" : if the labels had not indicated  the place of origin, the diversity could not be recognized .
Conclusion : the earth  is round  and nothing forbids  that a similar  material  may be found in Italy , in Far East  or in America.
To the meeting  the convivial moment  at restaurant could not miss. While waiting  between one course  and following  one  we have discussed  also of next A.I.A.S.  Congress  which,  much probably,  will take place in Florence  at the end of September  and beginning of October  with a foreign judge (indiscretion to be confirmed) hoisted by our tuscanian members and of  the ATABS Association .

We greeted each other not before  giving appointment in Gonzaga  at middle march 2011.


Carlo Laghi