In Reggio Emilia the Giareda Feast

4th and 5th September 2010


XIX Giareda Feast


Reggio Emilia
Report by Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

On beginning of September, Reggio Emilia  hosts the Giareda Feast : historic rendevous, which every year gathers aroud the Blessed Virgin Basilica  of the Giareda  and  in Garibaldi Avenue  the Reggiana citizenship for a rendezvous of great symbolic value.

Thanks to the organization cared by the Helen Bonsai Club, by the President Mr.Vanni and by all club's members, the Giareda arrived to the XIX edition, has become  so as few events in Italy, a firm point of meeting for Italian Bonsai and suiseki lovers.

To this 2010 edition  have not taken part, however many A.I.A.S. members, occupied on other  fronts : exhibition of local Clubs of belonging.

Among the stones exhibited, Mrs. Luciana Queirolo has assigned the First, the Second and the Third prize  of the Helen Bonsai Club Giareda 2010 and the "IBS plate   for best suiseki" mentioning in addition  three suiseki particularly meritorious.


On Sunday September  4th there has been the meeting   among participants and the public  for the comment about the evaluation on which is based the assignement of the awards; the comment will be published in the A.I.A.S. Newsletter next mailing.

 The awarded suiseki


1° Prize 
assigned to a stone of Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri


2° Prize
 assigned to Genova Bonsai Club

3° Prize



I.B.S. Plate

 assigned to Genova Bonsai Club

Three exemplars with particular  aesthetic qualities

Mention of Merit

Mention of Merit

Mention of Merit

The other suiseki in display



A stone unfortunately drasticalli cut