"Shelves" Category
Amatori Bonsai e Suiseki Genova
"The great North"
  Japan (Ashorogawa, Kamuikotan)
Mr. Patrizio Chico
"Hidden moon - in this gray night the first snow"
Italy (Lazio), England (Norfolk)
Mr. Carlo Laghi
"And It's Just autumn"
Italy (Veneto, Tuscany)
Out of contest
Mr. Claudio Nuti
"Dream now, I will accompany you in silence, we will go wherever you want"
Italy, Japan
Mrs. Daniela Schifano
"Reiwa the age of the harmony"
Japan (Shimanto River)
Mrs. Laura Segna
"Being only Being; the city with its confusion seems so far away!"
Italy ( Lombardia )
Mr. Claudio Villa
"Sensations, memories, emotions"
Italy ( Liguria, Emilia Romagna )
Mr. Umberto Ziniti
"Slow pace I return to the domestic hotbed"