Biseki, Pattern Stones

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Bonsai Club Castelli Romani
"Thousands of leaves of words"

Mr. Santo Buratto
"The undertow accompanies the notes of my shamizen

shy on the horizon the sun"
Italy ( Piave River )
Out of contest


Mr. Giuseppe De Vita

"The two lakes"
Italy ( Tuscany )

Mr. Vito Di Venere

"Peaceful longevity"


Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

"I look and think about their return"
Italy ( Piave river - Veneto )

Mr. Ninh Huu Hiep

"Moonlight dating"


Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

Without name
Italy ( Veneto - Piave river )

Mr. Laura Monni

"A reflection of the soul"
South Korea


Mr. Le Son Nhut

"Little house on the praire"