European Suiseki Association : our visibility in Europe, a window on the world of Viewing Stones

The A.I.A.S. is associated to the European Suiseki Association,  E.S.A., a prestigious opportunity which allows us to take part to the E.S.A. Exhibitions, an opportunity which we try to seize, wherever they take place.
 It is not necessary to make a selection among the stones of our members : the stone awarded with the A.I.A.S. Trophy of the present year partecipates in the name of A.I.A.S. to the E.S.A. Exhibition of the following year.

The suiseki winner of the A.I.A.S. Trophy 2004

The awarding

The suiseki of Mr.Claudio Villa,  winner of the A.I.A.S. Trophy 2004,  exibited in the ESA room in Arco di Trento, during the UBI-EBA-ESA Congress 2005
Mr.Claudio Villa is awarded, on behalf of the AIAS by Mr.Willi Benz, president of  ESA, with a BCI certificate of merit