Educational video in Italian on Chinese stones, courtesy of author Mr. Thomas Elias

Mr. Tom Elias constantly demonstrates to AIAS and its members, which are not only the Italian stones to be valued, but that considers us what he is for us: a true friend.
Only a true friend generously gives his knowledge to everyone, but own to everyone, both through the webpages that he manages and now, even through our site, honored by his authoritative presence. Tom writes:
I have made six video about stone appreciation in English.   Now, I have the first one on Chinese Lingbi stones translated into Italian.  Would you like to put this video on the AIAS web site?   I am happy to let you do this. Tom”We are privileged and, in turn, we can bring to the knowledge of all Italian stone enthusiasts the authoritative competence of dr. Thomas Elias.
We can not underestimate the generous contribution of Simona Hirsch, president of ATABS, who made herself available to Tom and us, translating the text originally in English.
By now Simona is inside the cog and we hope that she can continue to make her professionalism available, continuing this precious collaboration in favor of the stone lovers' people.
Thanks Tom, thanks Simona
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

We are therefore able to publish the first of the six videos, dedicated to the Lingbi stones (visible with compatible browsers starting from the following versions: Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome 3.0, Apple Safari 3.0 and Opera 10.5.). Since the quality of the display may depend on external factors such as the speed of your Internet connection, you can also download the video and view it on your computer by clicking with the right mouse button and selecting "Save video as ... ".

Lingbi Stones