European Convention 2018 at Arco

Arco (Trento)  May,  4th-6th 2018
E.B.A. e E.S.A. Conventions
 XXII U.B.I. National Congress

XXXIII Arcobonsai

Report by Mrs.Gudrun Benz,  photo by Mrs.Daniela Schifano

The yearly major exhibition of Arcobonsai Club Garda Trentino takes place at the beginning of May and is well known by bonsai enthusiasts in Europe. Nevertheless, this year’s event was special because the club invited E.B.A. and E.S.A. as well as U.B.I., the national Italian bonsai association to hold their convention at the beautiful small city of Arco. Therefore one could see the most beautiful European bonsai and Suiseki at the Casino, the location of the exhibition.

Arco is located near Lake Garda and surrounded by an astonishing mountain panorama. It enjoys a mild, sometimes subtropical climate and vegetation with palm and olive trees, vineyards, fruit-trees, oleander, bougainvillea etc. No wonder that the city’s economy is based on tourism.   
Unfortunately, display space for both bonsai and Suiseki was limited. The Suiseki exhibition was restricted to 22 specimens so some Suiseki friends couldn’t participate with their stones. A few Suiseki from Italian UBI members found a place at another small exhibition room vis à vis of the ESA exhibition where they were displayed side by side with bonsai. The lighting of the ESA exhibition room was quite bad so the beauty of the exhibits couldn’t be seen in its whole extent
  Landscape, in particular mountain stones dominated as at most exhibitions in Europe. Most stones were from European origin. They came from Italy, especially from Liguria, Slovakia, Czech Republic but also some came from Japan and China.    
Awards were presented by E.S.A., U.B.I., I.B.S., A.I.A.S. and B.C.I..
The E.S.A. award was given to a “Toad” of Mr. Holger Göbel from Germany. The Gobi desert stone was displayed on a shelf together with a scroll and an azalea as accent plant.
Two E.S.A. President’s Awards went to the wonderful mountain stone “The Dark Side of the Mountain” of Mr. Claudio Villa from Italy and an outstanding mountain stone of Mr. Carlo Guardigli from Italy.
An E.S.A. Nomination was presented to Mr. Santo Buratto from Italy for his landscape stone “Like a Robin a Storm of Leaves” which was found in Italy. The second Nomination went to a plateau stone of Mrs. Martina Vyhlidalova from Slovakia.

The A.I.A.S.
President’s Awards went to the landscape stone "Autumn Colour" of Mrs. Gudrun Benz. The A.I.A.S. Plaque has been assigned for the E.S.A. to a boat  shaped stone presented by Mr. Igor Barta.

The first U.B.I. prize for suiseki was presented to the magnificent plateau stone of Mrs. Daniela Schifano from Italy which received also the BCI Award of Excellence and I.B.S. Prize. The second U.B.I. prize was given to the beautiful mountain stone in a doban of Mr. Igor Carino from Italy. The third UBI prize went to an impressive mountain stone of Mr. Claudio Villa from Italy. The A.I.A.S. Plaque has been assigned for the U.B.I. to a waterfall stone of Italian origin, presented to Mr. Riccardo Sorbino.

Italy is leading in bonsai and Suiseki in Europe. The bonsai and Suiseki exhibition were high levelled. Once more I could notice the progress that Italian bonsai and Suiseki enthusiasts made in displaying their “treasures” in the last few years. Display tables were excellently manufactured. Bonsai, pots and display tables were mostly in harmony, it means they fit harmoniously together in size, shape, colour and proportions. Therefore it was difficult to decide which bonsai or Suiseki was the best. The same was valid for accent plants or tempei. Of course, one could see also very few exceptions.
There were seen only a few shohin bonsai displays.
The trader area outside the Casino offered all kind of bonsai and Suiseki related items and was very attractive for the convention participants.   
As part of the event, there were the New Talent Contest with participants of 14 European countries, the European Arcobonsai Contest 2018 with 13 demonstrators and their helpers, the demonstration of the headliner Hotsumi Terkawa from Japan, lectures related to bonsai, Suiseki and the connection between nature and arts as well as board meetings and the annual general meetings of the participating organizations. On occasion of the social events, the gala dinner on a boat on the Garda Lake and the Evening “B & B & B – Birra – Bonsai e Baraonda” participants had a great time and enjoyed friendship and generous warm hospitality of the Italian host.
In summary, the event was a pleasant one where all had a great time with bonsai, Suiseki and friends.       
Mrs. Gudrun Benz

 E.S.A. Convention: the suiseki in display



E.S.A. AWARD for the most beautiful stone
Mr. Holger Göbel
Animal shaped stone


E.S.A. President's Award
Mr. Claudio Villa

"The dark side of the mountain"

Landscape stone


Nomination E.S.A.
Mr. Santo Buratto

"Like a robin a storm of leaves"

Landscape stone


Nomination E.S.A.
  Mrs. Martina Vyhlidalova

Plateau stone



A.I.A.S. Prize
Mr. Igor Barta
Boat shaped stone


A.I.A.S. President's Award
Mrs. Gudrun Benz
"Autumn Colour"
Distant mountain stone


Atelier Mr.Klika & Mrs.Kuraktova
Mountain stone
Yamagata ishi
Mr. Walter Schreiner
"Clouds along the mountain"
Surface pattern stone


Mr. Lorenzo Sonzini
Sugata ishi
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo
"In front of me... "
Toyama ishi


Mrs. Emma Kerper
Surface pattern stone
Mrs.Yvonne Graubæk
Near mountain stone


Mrs. Ella Gornerova
Distant mountain stone
Mrs. Sarka Cermakova
Distant mountain stone


Mr. Vladimir Kamocsai  
Mr. Lubos Vyhlidal
Island stone


Mr. Amnon Paldi
Setagawa tora ishi
Mr. Vito Di Venere
"Flying around the world"


Mr. Christoph Daim
 Waterfall stone
Mr. Christoph Daim
Human shaped stone


Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

 Sugata ishi - Human shaped stone
Mr. Marino Nikpal
Plateau stone
Landscape stone
U.B.I. Congress : the suiseki in display


U.B.I PRIZE - I.B.S. PRIZE - B.C.I. Award of Excellence
Mrs. Daniela Schifano
"Nello spazio e nel tempo"
Danseki - Japan (Kamo River)


U.B.I. Mention of Merit
Mr. Igor Carino


U.B.I. Mention of Merit
Mr. Claudio Villa
"Cime tempestose"


E.S.A. President's Award
Mr. Carlo Guardigli
"Tramonto rosso"


A.I.A.S. Prize
Mr. Riccardo Sorbino
Waterfall stone


2° Trophy Memorial "Antonella Carioli"
  Mr. Marino Nikpal


Mr. Salvatore Attardo
"The valley of the angels"
Mr. Mauro Stemberger
"Colline fiorite"


Mr. Emilio Capozza
"Nikkor il monaco"
Mr. Leonardo Ostuni
Kinzanseki - Mountain stone

Mr. Giacomo Montaguti

The new pages about the 20th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2017 Edition

In Cesano Maderno (MB) has taken place the 20th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2017 Edition.
You will find images and news on the exhibition to the following pages :

Kind Visitors are informed that for reasons of space the pages devoted to the A.I.A.S. Congress 2015 have been moved in the page "Brushing up old photos".

2017 Meihinten (Courtesy of Jeff Amas and Chris Cochrane) - Photos by Jeff Amas

"The Nippon Suiseki Association, founded in May 1961, held the first Nippon Suiseki Meihinten Exhibition in July that same year.
Since 2009, thanks to Jeff Amas's photographic and commentary work, the Internet Bonsai Association publishes a large account of the stones on display.
In 2010, the Nippon Suiseki Association celebrated the 50th Meihinten Exhibition by exhibiting the best Meiseki of its members. During the event, Mr. Matsuura was able to announce his withdrawal from the Presidency (Chairman of the Association) after over 20 years of active presence, accepting the role of Honorary Vice President and proposing to remain active in the Association "

Nippon Suiseki Meihinten 2017 (57th) :

Courtesy of Jeff Amas and Chris Cochrane
Photos by Jeff Amas
Chris Cochrane:
Jeff Amas sends photos of the 57th Nippon Suiseki Meihinten mounted at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo earlier this month.
Jeff Amas wrote:”... this year people are taking more risks with the display in terms of colors and surfaces. In the books... (Japan Suiseki Exhibition books of exhibitions at Tokyo's Metropolitan Museum/CMC)... suiseki have just been placed against a neutral white background. While this allows us to just concentrate on the stone itself it doesn't show us how the owner may in fact present the stone. I think this actually quite an interesting talking point. Certainly the aesthetic response is quite different in each case.”
The AIAS is grateful to his friend and supporter, Chris Cochrane, and the generous contribution of Jeff Amas, through which every year we can draw information and teaching to expand the understanding of this Art that we love so much.
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo


Abegawa ishi
29 x 24 x 24
Hakkaizan seki
23 x 18 x 27

27.5 x 18.5 x 17
  Fujigawa ishi
21 x 11 x 9


Furuya ishi
47.5 x 27 x 24

  Furuya ishi
16.5 x 13 x 14


Furuya ishi
15.5 x 11 x 10
   Hakkaizan seki
15 x 10.5 x 4.5


 Hakkaizan seki
21 x 15 x 15.5
   Kamogawa ishi
 12 x 20 x 28


 Kamogawa ishi
 25 x 19 x 16
   Kamogawa ishi
 14 x 10 x 9
Kamogawa ishi
 29 x 18 x 9.5
  Kamogawa ishi
 29.5 x 16 x 12


Kamogawa ishi
  17.5 x 9 x 12
  Kamogawa ishi
 21 x 15 x 15
Kamogawa maguro ishi
  11.5 x 6.5 x 3.5
  Kamogawa maguro ishi
  27.5 x 18 x 6


Kamuikotan ishi
20 x 10 x 5
  Kamuikotan ishi
25 x 12.5 x 6.5
Kamuikotan ishi - Sadoakadama ishi
5.5 x 8 x 5 - 8.5 x 7.5 x 5
  Kamuikotan ishi
14 x 12 x 5
Kifune ishi
17 x 14 x 34
  Kurama ishi
40 x 29 x 24
Murasaki Kifune ishi
33 x 15 x 15
  Sado akadama ishi
26 x 15 x 5
Sado kidama ishi
20.5 x 14 x 15
  Sajigawa ishi
28 x 16 x 6
Sajigawa ishi
66 x 22 x 17
  Sajigawa ishi
30 x 24.5 x 30.5
Sajigawa ishi
17 x 8 x 15.5
  Sajigawa ishi
17 x 11 x 20
Sakawagawa ishi
22 x 7 x 21
  Seigaku ishi
66 x 32 x 17
Senbutsu ishi
42.5 x 24 x 53
  Setagawa ishi
26 x 7  x 6.5
Setagawa tora ishi
26 x 17.5 x 4
  Setagawa tora ishi
49 x 29 x 35.5
Setagawa yomogi ishi
29 x 13 x 23
  Taihu stone
65 x 41 x 20
Takasuzusan seki
62 x 13.5 x 7.5
  Tamagawa ishi
17 x 11 x 6
Tanba shiun seki
66 x 23 x 25
  Tanba shiun seki
16 x 9.5 x 6
Tenryu Maguro ishi
22 x 16 x 22
  Tenryugawa ishi
46 x 26 x 13

Yase sudachi maguro ishi
26 x 12.5 x 10
The other suiseki in display


 Abegawa shiko seki
x 19 x 16
 10 x 6.5 x 6.5


 Furuya ishi
17 x 3.5 x 5
  Furuya ishi
12.5 x 10 x 38


 Furuya ishi
7 x 3.5 x 9
  Hakkaizan seki
17.5 x 12 x 15.5


Kamogawa ishi
  16.5 x 17 x 7
  Kamuikotan ishi
70 x 60 x  25


Kifune sudachi maguro ishi
28 x 17 x 8
  Kotaro ishi
60 x 28 x 17


Kurama ishi
31.5 x 13 x 9
  Sado akadama ishi
46 x 22 x 18


Sado aodama ishi
18 x 11 x 19
  Sajigawa ishi
59 x 25 x 10


Sajigawa ishi
22 x 8 x 6
  Setagawa ishi
46 x 29 x 17


Setagawa nashiji ishi
32 x 9 x 6
  Ubusan ishi
17 x 13 x 14


The new pages about the 19th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2016 Edition

In Bondeno (Mantova) has taken place the 19th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2016 Edition.
You will find images and news on the exhibition to the following pages :

Kind Visitors are informed that for reasons of space the pages devoted to the A.I.A.S. Congress 2014 have been moved in the page "Brushing up old photos".

How to receive the newsletter by e-mail about news published on the website Vsana

Mr. Thomas Elias, Chairman of Viewing Stone Association of North America, uses the newsletter system to inform members on updates, news, initiatives and changes on his website Below, the invitation of Mr. Elias and how to receive the Newsletter.

February 1, 2016
Dear Stone Connoisseur,
The Viewing Stone Association of North America (VSANA) web site,

provides accurate, detailed information about the art of stone appreciation throughout the world.  We are expanding to include Japanese viewing stones and suiseki in February, 2016.  Additional information about Japanese stones will be added throughout the year.  Our web site is updated each month.

We feature a new stone of the month, feature article, book reviews, where to see and buy stones, news and events, and a huge gallery of photographs of stones from seven countries.  In 2016, we will expand the scope of VSANA to include additional countries.
If you would like to receive our monthly notices about updates and special features, please send your name and e-mail address to Tom Elias at  There is no cost for access to this information and we do not sell or share our mailing addresses with others. 
Last month, we had over 5,000 visits from people in approximately 120 countries who saw our site.

Thomas Elias
Viewing Stone Association
of North America


The italian stones on Viewing Stone Association of North America website

Great satisfaction, pride and gratitude animate us in learn about publication on VSANA Viewing Stone Association of North America of the article : Stone Appreciation in Italy & The AIAS:
Dr. Thomas Elias, who honored us with his presence, with his conference and with the Judgment on the stones exposed to the AIAS Congress 2015 in Aversa (CT) He is the creator and responsible, together with Dr. Hiromi Nakaoji, of this website.
But the greatest honor that Tom has done to us is in having published our stones dividing by region and then make public this work that not even we (directly involved) had never thought of doing:
A Galactic Thanks to the generosity of dr. Tom Elias (who graciously agreed to be our Honorary Member) and his "right arm", dr. Hiromi Nakaoji.
   Luciana Queirolo
on Behalf of  A.I.A.S.

Felix Rivera : in Memory

The California Suiseki Society, the club that Felix Rivera founded 20 years ago, will be featured in a unique exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California, in conjunction with the San Francisco Suiseki Kai and contemporary artist Jedediah Cesar.

Click on the announcement for the show, which is called UNE ARTHED: Found + Made:  i
t'll be fascinating to see how the show displays the sculptures of the artist with the beautiful collection of suiseki.

The exhibit will run from December 11th until April 24th.

The opening of the exhibit on Friday, December 11th, it will coincide with Friday Nights @ OMCA, which includes shows very interesting that will be running at the same time, including a contemporary quilt show and an exhibit of memorials, called Rituals and Remembrance. Will be open, refreshment, food and beer garden, with live music and DJs. 

For more information:

Felix's family, (his wife Vicky, daughters Olivia and Sophia, the son in law Thomas and the little Penelope) will be there, and would like to meet friends.

The A.I.A.S. will be there with the heart and the thought: Felix is Pillar, Leader and  true Friend of our Association.
Luciana Queirolo

Goodbye, Angelo

Gassho :  “A ritual gesture of Eastern origin, with hands pressed together in front of the chest. It can be used for prayer or as a sign of greeting, gratitude, reverence or apology”.
It is useless: I wonder if anyone of us, after a lifetime of "learning" will be able to arrive at a synthesis so full of significant contents.
Thanks, Mrs. Hiromi Nakahoji.
Mr. Angelo Attinà : Founder Member, Councillor AIAS.
For over 25 years, always passionate and present: how he and I am sure not to offend anyone ... like him ... numerically, they are on the fingers of one hand.
So ... Angelo has left us, Angelo he left: that there would be natural to say. Nothing more false: we are gathered around him and will continue to be present. He is "inside" his stones: you look at them and you see Angelo.
Behold, he will be with us also in Gonzaga, on 9-10 April 2016. Thus, we will feel less lonely and new members who had yet to learn from him, they will recognize him.
We await you and thanks for the affection you are showing to him.
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo 
A.I.A.S. Board

The new pages about the 18th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2015 Edition

In Aversa has taken place the 18th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2015 Edition.
You will find images and news on the exhibition to the following pages :

Kind Visitors are informed that for reasons of space the pages devoted to the A.I.A.S. Congress 2013 have been moved in the page "Brushing up old photos".

The new pages about the 17th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2014 Edition

In Rimini has taken place the 17th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2014 Edition.
You will find images and news on the exhibition to the following pages :

Kind Visitors are informed that for reasons of space the pages devoted to the A.I.A.S. Congress 2012 have been moved in the page "Brushing up old photos".
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