The N°2 of the “Bonsai & Suiseki Magazine” is on line. In this number...

The issue of the second number of February 2009 continues with the editorial course  of the Bonsai & Suiseki Magazine” enriched by a new graphic form.


The Magazine is visible and freely downloaded in Pdf format from the following link :

In addition to the editorial of Mr.Antonio Ricchiari, the second number has in summary :

From Bonsai and Suiseki world
             Japanese gardens” – Mr.G.L.Enny
             And over the clouds…… a world ” – Mr.S.Bassi
Exhibitions and events 
                Coordination of Sicilian Bonsaists” – Mr. F.La Rosa
               “Ist Trophy for beginners NBC  “ - Mr.L.Del Fico

In the bookshop

                “Wabi-Sabi” – Mr.A.Ricchiari
                “Bon-Sai” – Mr.A.Ricchiari
Bonsai ‘cult’
                 Bonsai styles ” – Mr.G.Genotti
My experience
                 Re-cooking of the copper wire” – Mr.S.Guerra
                Slooping Tuscan Cypress ” – Mr.S.Biagi
 To Suiseki lesson
                Introduction to Suiseki ” – Mrs.L.Queirolo

At school of aesthetics 

                "Notes on Bonsai  aesthetics” – Mr.A.Ricchiari
 The monthly species
                “Olive tree” – Mr.A.Ricchiari
 Notes of cultivation
                 The chemical fertilizers” – Mr.L.Bragazzi
 Bonsai Techniques
                 The soils” – Mr.A.Acampora, Mr.P.Strada

Club's life

                 “Bonsainsieme” – Mr.A.Defina
What insect is it?
                Plant pathology 2nd Part” - Mr.L.Bragazzi