Goodbye, Angelo

Gassho :  “A ritual gesture of Eastern origin, with hands pressed together in front of the chest. It can be used for prayer or as a sign of greeting, gratitude, reverence or apology”.
It is useless: I wonder if anyone of us, after a lifetime of "learning" will be able to arrive at a synthesis so full of significant contents.
Thanks, Mrs. Hiromi Nakahoji.
Mr. Angelo Attinà : Founder Member, Councillor AIAS.
For over 25 years, always passionate and present: how he and I am sure not to offend anyone ... like him ... numerically, they are on the fingers of one hand.
So ... Angelo has left us, Angelo he left: that there would be natural to say. Nothing more false: we are gathered around him and will continue to be present. He is "inside" his stones: you look at them and you see Angelo.
Behold, he will be with us also in Gonzaga, on 9-10 April 2016. Thus, we will feel less lonely and new members who had yet to learn from him, they will recognize him.
We await you and thanks for the affection you are showing to him.
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo 
A.I.A.S. Board