The XI Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition “City of Frascati"

City Municipal Palace of Frascati, home of the event

Frascati, May 22nd -24th 2009

XI Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition

“City of Frascati”


Report by Mrs.Daniela Schifano

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The eleventh edition of the "Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition City of Frascati", organized  by the “Bonsai Club Roman Castles“  has taken place : three days during which, enthusiasts and not, could admire the outstanding specimen of Bonsai & Suiseki  in exhibition  in an atmosphere  where the attendance of experts of the other Japanese disciplines housed, such as Ikebana and Shodo, has given rise  to an unique occasion of confrontation  and synergy.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and to the availability  of the Frascati Major Mr. Franco Posa,  the event has been held in the premises  of the City Municipal Palace of Frascati  magnificently frescoed and furnished.

Welcome tokonoma

As member of the Organizing Club , I have attended to all the phases of the event : I have given some assistance in the staging of the exhibition spaces, a moment of great labour  but also of similar satisfaction when one  catches that  the organizing  efforts  of the Club  give life to an harmonic environment where to display  at one’s best. I have taken part to the “disassembly”, perhaps  the most unhappy moment  but during which  one can make mentally a first balance of the present and give  appointment  to the next edition. I have received and assisted  the public interested  with suiseki  : the stones, placed in a reserved small room were of great quality and effect, and many have been the question  and the curiosity  of visitors, but always  with same culminating comments : "But are they really natural" ?

An example for all : an enthusiast and happy lady  has acknowledged  herself  in the common passion for suiseki  and has come back  on next day  to let us see  the result of many  years’ stones collecting. I have followed with interest the demonstrations  of Bonsai technique  made by the IBS Instructor Mr. Mirco Tedeschi, sole judge of the event, and who among other things  has enriched  our knowledge commenting one by one all tokonomas made ready. 

 A partial view of the main hall

A moment of the workshop held by  IBS Instructor Mr. Mirco Tedeschi

 The Ikebana dimostration of Mrs. Lina Alicino

I have appreciated the delicate Ikebana exhibited by the Sogetsu School of Tokyo,  and the demonstration  of the Grand Master of the  Tokyo Sogetsu  School   President  of Ranson   Study Group   Mrs. Lina Alicino.   The choice of essences  and of the pots for the  Kusamono plants  and their display have been our contact points .

Mr. Riccardo Sirica, Shodo Master , the Japanese calligraphy, has  commented  the style  of exposed scrolls,  putting the accent  on the quality  of  calligraphy  and evidencing  the difference between the Japanese  writing  and that Chinese.

So a three days during which numerous have been  for “living” bonsai , suiseki  and not only, together with other friends, being them experts, singles enthusiast or beginners.

For description : the prize  for the "Best Suiseki  Displayed" has been given , ex aequo, to the following  Suiseki :

Object stone
of Mr. Fabrizio Buccini
Origin : Liguria
Lake stone
of Mrs. Daniela Schifano
Origin : Liguria
“Countrysides'  dream”

The stones in display :

Landscape stone

of Mr.Fabrizio Buccini

Origin : Liguria

Landscape stone 

of Mrs. Daniela Schifano

Origin : Japan

The unfound island

Object stone of

Mrs. Daniela Schifano

Origin : Liguria

 “At the downs of the Day

Landscape stone

of Mr. Giovanni Vegliandi

Origin : Liguria