The XIII U.B.I. Congress

Salerno, March 20-22nd 2009

XIII U.B.I. Congress
by Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

Mrs. Luciana photographs the suiseki lovers' Party visiting the Amalfi Cathedral , dedicated to St. Andrew.
The task of judge in charge of the stones' selection of the U.B.I. Contest , Mrs. Luciana Queirolo, IBS Instructor, President of AIAS this year has been extremely helped by the availability of the U.B.I. Board to admit in the Catalogue all suiseki presented.
We sincerely thank for this decision and not because the commitment resulted more slight; on the contrary : the quality of suiseki presented should have rendered really difficult to exclude at least  two of them from the admission to the Catalogue.
Furthermore the U.B.I. Board has this year decided to increase to three the U.B.I. Mentions of Merit,
In addition the AIAS and the IBS plates have been assigned by the judge Mr. Marino Nikpal, UBI Vice-President, IBS Instructor and Mr. Andrea Schenone IBS Instructor.

Suiseki in exhibition :

U.B.I. Suiseki Award 2009
Mr. Marino Nikpal
"Maternal love"

U.B.I. Mention of Merit
Mr. Angelo Attinà
U.B.I. Mention of Merit
Mr. Cesare Fumagalli
 U.B.I. Mention of Merit
Mr. Andrea Schenone

I.B.S. Plate
Mr. Lorenzo Agnoletti
A.I.A.S. Plate
Mr. Geppino Mauriello

Mr. Paolo Buonaiuto
Mr. Vito Di Venere
"Geo spirit"

Mr. Pino Iodice
Mrs. Elvira Manuti
"Island in the sun"

Mr. Ezio Piovanelli
Mrs. Daniela Schifano
"Countrysides'  dream"

Out of contest
 Mrs. Luciana Queirolo
"The flight"