Mr.Carlo Laghi relates the 7th Suiseki Exhibition-Parade at Cusercoli Castle

 View of Cusercoli Castle

7th and 14th November 2010 

7th Suiseki Exhibition-Parade “ Castle of Cusercoli” 

Castle of Cusercoli - (Forlì - Cesena)

Report of Mr.Carlo Laghi


On Sunday 7th and  Sunday 14th November  has taken place  in the circle  of the "Prezious White Truffle Feast of Romagna" the Suiseki Exhibition  "Castle of Cusercoli", arrived this year  to the 7th edition.

In the fittings  of the two halls put at disposal by the Proloco (Municipal Tourist Board)   the "Hercules Lock", the philosophy  already experienced  last year  has been followed  to let know, the citizen of Cusercoli  and other visitors, besides  the stones  also the work of Bonsai & Suiseki of  Forlì Club's members.

Namely  we have tried  to present stones  that during  this year have been awarded  in the various national and foreign  exhibitions, to present possibly always new stones  of the various categories  never exhibited    and to present  various displays  with scrolls  following as example  the passing of the seasons.

The venues of the exhibition : the outside, the staging  and the public:


“ Pietre e parole

                     dolce è il ricordo

                                         a Cusercoli “     

This year novelty is the Haiku  poetry : thanks to the poetical inspiration  of the member Mr. Alberto Barduzzi , it has  been possible  to link  together  different  compositions  to the stones.
Personally I must say  that this procedure  has fully satisfied  me and the others  both as participations and as interest of the participating public.
Let's now come to the pure exhibition of the stones. The 23 stones, justly distributed  in the various categories, have been examined  by our dearest friend, as well as board member  Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri, A.I.A.S. Treasurer.

Ulisse has choosen  as best stones :
"The time...  sun, water  and wind"  of Mr. Ettore Gardini (already winner of the U.B.I. Award  2010 in San Marino  and of the B.C.I.  Award  at the E.S.A. exhibition  2010 in Zurich);
"Go away mighty godfather"  by Mr. Alberto Barduzzi  (it is also  the choosen stone  as preferred  by the public  on Sunday 7th;
"I already feel home air" , multi stand  of Mr. Claudio Villa;
"The earth of the ancestors"  landscape of Mr. Primangelo Pondini;
"On the way back"  multi stand presented by Mr.  Carlo Laghi and for its colours
"Autumn  sun"  landscape of Mr. Alberto Barduzzi.


The day, as usually, has elapsed  "with the legs under the table".On greeting you , I renew  the invitation  for the next year.

Carlo Laghi


The suiseki in exhibition

The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Alberto Barduzzi


"Go away mighty godfather" 

 Best object stone

"Autumn sun"

Mention of Merit


“Sono il cuore
che solo ti nasconde
ogni autunno”

“Sole d'autunno

tingi foglie di sera
il monte arde”

The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Renzo Elespini


"Over the path" 



The suiseki exhibited by Mr.  Ettore Gardini


"Black  tower" 

"The time ... sun, water and wind"

Best landscape stone


 The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Carlo Laghi


grand mother Victoria" 




"King Kong" 

"King Kong"



"The morning breeze inhibts 
your decency"

 "On the way back"

Mention of Merit



"On the way back"

A particular


"On the way back"

A particular


"On the way back"

A particular


"Masked  ball"


"Masked  ball"


"Masked  ball"



 The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Primangelo Pondini


"The silence of time " 




"Far away lands" 

"The earth of ancestors"
Mention of Merit


“Tutta la terra

degli avi percorro
fin nel profondo”


The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Danilo Pretolani


"Spiritual Guide"

"Little arch"


The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Attilio Valdifiori


"Without time"

"The bridge"


The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Claudio Villa


"North-West passage"

"I already feel home air"

Best multi stand



"I already feel home air"

A particular


"I already feel home air"

A particular

 "I already feel home air"

A particular