A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2007 Edition

10th  Anniversary
Castelfranco Emilia  (Modena)
October 19th-21st 2007
We could’nt but meet us in Castelfranco , at our seat, to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.
The Bonsai and Suiseki Club ABC of Bonsai put at our disposal its comfortable premisesas social seat and such commitment and cooperation has never  weaken. For this and for the deep friendship which binds us , we are deeply grateful and debtors.
The seat of the Club ABC of the Bonsai , AIAS seat.
Sole judge Mr. Willi Benz , President of ESA, Vice President of the “International Stone Appreciation Museum “(ISAM), Vice President of the “International Stone Collection Association”, 2nd Vice President of the “ Bonsai Club International” (BCI), Honorary Board Member of the “ Bonsai Club”, Past President and Honorary Board Member of the “ Suiseki Society”.
The   welcoming tokonoma of Mrs. Luciana Queirolo
"Yatsumi :the Bridge of the dreams"
Inside, everything is ready
The images of the delivery ceremony.
The honour guest has delivered to Mr. Vito Di Venere , member of the new Aias Board in charge, the double pin of member and of Ambassador of the BCI Bonsai Club International for account of ESA, rank which moreover had already been awarded  to him during the Ni-Shun -Ten  Exhibition held in Furstenfeldbrook on March 2006.

From left:

The A.I.A.S. Board member Mr. Vito Di Venere, Mrs. Tanya Maccaferri , the teaching Judge Mr. Willi Benz and the A.I.A.S. President Mrs. Luciana Queirolo celebrate Mrs.Daniela Schifano winner of the A.I.A.S. Trophy 2007.
Our honour guest Mr. Willi Benz has had an intriguing conference on suiseki: in addition to general concepts on suiseki art, he has projected and commented an interesting series of Japanese, Italian and Chinese suiseki images.
After he has dedicated the Sunday afternoon to the comment of the stones exhibited in the contest.
A.I.A.S. Trophy 2007
 The A.I.A.S. Trophy 2007 to the object stone 
“The messenger” 
of Mrs. Daniela Schifano
The suiseki classified to the first place in the other Categories :
 1° prize  for the Category "Landscape Stones" to  Mr. Attilio Valdifiori
"Water streams at moonlight"
1° prize  for the Category "Shelves" to
Mr. Cesare Fumagalli
"Towards the Fuji"
1° prize for the 
Category "Object Stones" 
Mr. Renzo Rabitti
"The Samurai"

1° prize for the 
Category "Biseki" to 
Mr. Giuseppe De Vita

"The dunes"

1° prize for the
 Category "Stones to admire" to
Mrs. Daniela Schifano

 "The patience of the walk"

"IBS Plaque" Prize 

A particular of the object stone 
“The messenger” of Mrs. Daniela Schifano to whom the IBS Instructors and members of A.I.A.S. have assigned the “IBS Plate” award. 

BCI Plaque" Prize 

The prize “ BCI Award” has been assigned to the object stone
“The king of the sea”
of Mr. Cristiano Rosadini.