Melegnano, October 29th 2006 : description of one day exhibition

We receive by the President of the Bonsai and Suiseki Club of Melegnano Mr. Gian Luigi Enny  and publish with pleasure  the report of the annual exhibition of the Club , which was held on October 29th 2006  under the arcades of the Melegnano Commune.


The preparations already start in the day of Saturday with the fitting of the tables and the placing of the curtains, the weather seems to be promising, a fine tepid sun heats our preparations, wellbeing is high especially among  young men, everything let us hope all goes well.


Instead, just at the first lights of the daybreak on Sunday , it is evident that things are going wrong,  for first thing the return to the solar time. Some members do not remember of the change  and arrive  on the spot well in advance, others are late on account of a tick fog that just in that day decided to fill the Lower Milanese  area and does nor allow the arrival in time  (I am one of them), in few words the exhibition opens at 09.30 instead of 8 o’clock.

Finally, at 10.30 hrs., the sun peeps out, it seems that someone up there has decided to help us. Meantime at this hour many persons , also on account of the local market, start to have a look and poke the nose in the exhibit, the members  as always are available to reply the questions of various persons rather interested by the shape and by the colours of the suiseki (for many of them is a novelty), someone  is also prepared to join the Club.



A substantial number of visitors starts to visit around 11.30 hrs. when the most part of them comes out from the church after the religious ceremony  and also the town’s authorities with the Major ahead do honour us of a visit congratulating with us for our effort and asserting that the whole town benefits of such cultural initiatives!

After all, all things considered, we are persuaded that in spite of the fog and of the time change it turned not so bad.

At 13.30 hrs. when the last curious thinned away we decided to clear away.

We greet each other quickly loading everyone his own things with the promise to see again at our Club in a next meeting to sum up.

                                                   Gian Luigi Enny