In Parabiago (Milan) has taken place the 7th International Meeting of Bonsai and Suiseki - Crespi Cup 2006


A group photo :
 the winner of the Crespi Suiseki Cup 2006, Mr. Claudio Villa, with Mrs. Luciana Queirolo , Mr.Angelo Attinà and some members of the Bonsai and Suiseki Club of Forlì, intervened to the Crespi Cup.

1st Prize Crespi Suiseki Cup 2006


A corner of the Crespi garden


Mr. Claudio Villa  and Mr. Willi Benz , honor guest , judge and lecturer


We do not have the names of the owners, being stones exhibited anonymous. We have, however, recognized  some of the AIAS members.


Mr. Amedeo Ducoli


Mr. Francesco Artifoni

 Mr. Carlo Laghi

Mr. Ezio Piovanelli

Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

Mr. Marino Nikpal

Mr. Angelo Attinà

Mr. Claudio Villa

Mr. Nicola Crivelli


Mr. Primangelo Pondini

Mr. Primangelo Pondini
1st prize in the “Landscape Stone” category  in the AIAS Congress 2004

Suiseki of an AIAS member

 Exhibited in the AIAS 2004 Congress

Mr. Michael Sebo
AIAS 2005 plaque to the ESA exhibition  in Arco di Trento

Yagata-ishi  of  Mr.Sonzini exhibited to the UBI 2005 Contest

Yadori-ishi : a refuge stone




Japanese stone, exhibited to the
 Ni-Shun Ten 2006 , ESA exhibition

Dan–Seki of Mr. A.Lehener , Award of the BCI President

Mr. Attilio Valdifiori, AIAS member


Mr. Ettore Gardini, AIAS member



The Award of the 2006 Crespi Bonsai Cup has been assigned to the Bonsai Master Mr. Sandro Segneri, founder and teacher of the “Bonsai Creativo” School

Crespi Shohin Trophy