In Bratislava the first Exhibition of Slovak Suiseki Association

The 1st independent exhibition of Slovak Suiseki Association was held in show room of  L. Stur in University library in Bratislava from 27th till 29th July 2006.
Except of stones there were shown also publications with thema of suiseki.
Main exhibition organizer was Mr. Michal Šebo, the longstanding member of European suiseki association and the president of Slovak suiseki association coupled with Mrs. Ella Göerner.
Along with Slovak creators of suiseki also Mr. Igor Barta and Mrs. Sarka Cermakova and Mr. Antonin Krejcir from Czech Republic and Mrs. Luciana Queirolo and Mr. Angelo Attinà and Mr. Giuseppe De Vita from Italy took part in this exhibition. Thanks to its location, as University library is straight in the centre of Bratislava on pedestrian precinct, many people visited this exhibition.
Notations in visitor´s book show evidence of the fact that this exhibition was visited by guests not only from Bratislava but also by guests from Japan, China, Vietnam, USA and France.
Even if this exhibition with its area and duration was not so great but it helped very significantly to the publicity of the suiseki art. For all that thanks go not only to organizers of the exhibition but also to all exhibitors and guests and visitors and sponsors of this interesting exhibition.
Some suiseki in exhibition :