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A new forum dedicated to suiseki is born

The AIAS member Mr. Josè Manuel Blázquez brings to our attention and invites us to participate to the forum
dedicated solely to the Suiseki world.
SUISEKIS ... "is a community of Suiseki enthusiasts, to share, to solve  your doubts, to learn. And , over all, to enjoy suiseki with our friends."

In Cusercoli (Forlì) the 4th edition of the exhibition “The Romagnoli”

Sunday 11th    and 18th  November 2007
4th Exhibition Suiseki Parade  “The Romagnoli” 

Castle of Cusercoli  (Cusercoli- Forlì)

Report by Mr. Carlo Laghi

It seems the day before yesterday when ,  as fresh AIAS member and thanks to the advices which some friends decided to give me , I prepared with care the stones with which I took part to the AIAS Congress on 2003 in Carmagnola.

Veduta del Castello di Cusercoli
With my great satisfaction I knew, by hand, the spirit, the ideas and the AIAS people. Returned back home  while talking , with friends of the Bonsai Club Forlì neighbours common holders about what had happened to me in Turin , I succeeded to transmit them my sensations , so much to get them involved in the AIAS and, as much important, to organize with them an exhibition –parade of suiseki .
 It was summer 2004 and in our country the roof garden and a part of the Guidi di Bagno Count’s Castle , now property of the Civitella of Romagna Commune , were opened to public after the restoration works.
We decided that that one should have been the seat of our exhibition.
Helped by the local Tourist Office “Chiusa d’Ercole”, we organized  an exhibition composed only by suiseki (the first one in the Forlì area) . We exhibited the stones we had and those which took part to the AIAS Congress 2003 and 2004 (at Crespi in Parabiago –Mi).  It was a success  and as a single event we proposed to represent it the years to come.

This is the 4th edition  and the participation combined with the interest of the public has supported our decision.

The suiseki exhibition in the charming frame of the Castle’s halls.


On Sunday , November 18th also the TV has intervened and locally Tv watchers  could see our exhibition .

In the photo, the interview to Mr. Claudio Villa.

We had asked our old friend  and AIAS Board member  Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri an opinion on our stones: he has been impressed by “Water streams”(Mountain chain of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori), by “The devote” (Object stone od Mr. Mario Valgiusti), by “Moonlight” (a multi-stand of Mr. Carlo Laghi) and secondly by “Over the clouds” (landscape stone by Mr. Pierangelo Pondini exhibited in a tokonoma)   and by “The Samurai” (Object stone by Mr. Luciano Ghetti).
 The previous Sunday , November 11th , the public had chosen “ Black Tower ” the outstanding Biseki of Mr. Ettore Gardini.

Following Mr. Enny ‘s believe, what is there of much better, at the closing of the exhibition,  than to confront each other around a table with first, second and third dishes?

The suiseki in exhibition

The suiseki presented by Mr. Ettore Gardini

"Black Tower" 

"Wild summits"

"Mount Fuji"

The suiseki presented by Mr. Luciano Ghetti

"The Samurai"

The suiseki presented by Mr. Carlo Laghi


A particular

A particular

A particular

"Genesis: the first day"

"The 4 seasons"


 The suiseki presented by Mr. Primangelo Pondini

"At the borders of the sky

"Over the clouds"

"Skimming flight"

 The suiseki presented by Mr. Attilio Valdifiori


"Water streams

"Old man"

The suiseki presented by Mr. Mario Valgiusti

"The Hill of the infinite

"The devote"

"The Eagle"

The Autumn colours : report of a day in exhibit

15th Exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki  Town of Melegnano

 The Autumn colours : report of a day in exhibit

Report by Mr. Gian Luigi Enny

 Melegnano, October 28th 2007

Organized by the Suiseki Bonsai Club Melegnano, also this year has taken place the usual exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki under the porticos of the Melegnano Municipality, with the title "The Autumn Colours".

We organize the exhibition since 15 years with the patronage of the Melegnano Municipality, always in this period for the allure of the colours granted by the autumn.
In spite of the cold day , the interested or intrigued visitors were not missing, many the inquiries and, as usually, our members always available to remove many doubts.

Many people interested also for suiseki , with inquiries such as :" What is the reason which induces to collect stones?" Or :" But  where do you find them ?" 
Many people were interested to the program and to the enrolment.
Best regards to all from Enny.


The images of the III Suiseki Exhibition of the Bonsai Club of Alcalà of Henares

The AIAS member Mr. Josè Manuel Blàzquez brings to our attention and invites us to visit the page 
which suggests the images of suiseki exhibited at the III Suiseki exhibition of the Bonsai Club's members of  Alcalà of Henares.

The XII IBS Congress 2007

September 15th-16th  2007
XII IBS Congress
Serra Villa in Comago Sant'Olcese - Genoa

In a corner of England in Liguria has taken place the XII IBS Congress , which has exhibited the suiseki of the IBS Instructors.

The lake facing the exhibition .
The afflux of the interested public has been .... overflowing.

The corner of the four rooms where the exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki has taken place.



The BCI PRESIDENT AWARD has been assigned to Mr. Andrea Schenone, to whom has also gone the thank of the Genoa Club for the cooperation granted in the staging.



The two tokonoma  of Mr. Angelo Attinà : the whole and the detail .



The tokonoma of  Mr. Marino Nikpal



The tokonoma of Mrs. Luciana Queirolo


The two tokonoma  of  Mrs. Chiara Padrini  



The two tokonoma  of  Mr. Ezio Piovanelli




The two tokonoma  of  Mr.Andrea Schenone



The images on the 2nd Suiseki Exhibition of the Club 'Unici di Liguria' at La Spezia

September 7th-9th 2007
II Suiseki Exhibition of the Club "Unici di Liguria
Cultural Center "S.Allende" of La Spezia

In the spaces operated for the Municipality of La Spezia  by the Consortium  "S.Allende Center", the members of the Club "Unici di Liguria" have organized the 2nd Exhibition of Suiseki.

Some antique scrolls , to represent the "Autumn", introduced to the exhibition of Suiseki's members, in coherence with the seasonal theme .



At the exhibition's entrance a suiseki of Mrs.Luciana Queirolo was positioned.

Levigated stones with chinese pattern look were exhibited near levigated stones of Tuscanian origin, of the "Paesina Stone" typology.

The Club members' stones

Mr. Angelo Attinà







Mr. Mario Ferrari

Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

Mr. Andrea Schenone


Mr. Fabio Zucchelli

The 10th CERSM exhibition : report by Mr. Carlo Laghi

10th Review of the Coordination Emilia Romagna - San Marino

Report by Mr. Carlo Laghi


During the week-end on September 8th-9th 2007 in Cesena, in the pavilions of the Fair, to coincide with Turtle Beach Exhibition, has taken place the annual CERSM exhibition.


11 Clubs were present with 40 stones and 67 bonsai. There was a great crowd of public already from Saturday 8th.

Mrs. Luciana Queirolo, A.I.A.S. President, judged the stones.

Let me " bring grist to  my own mill".

The Forlì Bonsai and Suiseki Club, organizer of the exhibit, has  taken the lion's share both with  the Aias members and with the non-Aias  members.  Mr. Claudio Villa was absent (because  he was the main organizer together with his wife Irene) and the reserves were Mr. P.Pondini, Mr. E.Gardini, Mr. A.Valdifiori, Mr. C. Laghi (jointly with Mr. U.Maccaferri of the " Club ABC del Bonsai" of Castelfranco Emilia) all Aias members, and with the non-Aias members of Forlì  (I hope for a short time) Mr. L.Ghetti and Mr. L.Elespini to keep high the name of the Romagnoli.

This rusult was achieved by the Forlì Club thanks to the persevering research not only of stones  (very important), but also and mainly  for the presentation, of the suitable accessories as regards shapes and dimensions, of the preparing/manufacturing already the daiza , comparing and helping each other during the evenings to the Club.

All this is nothing but the spirit which the Aias has transmitted to us in these last 3-4 years. Just for this I would like to invite all readers/visitors of the Aias web site , lovers of this art, to enlarge one's own  knowledgesand why not to join the Aias. As regards the stones' pictures it has to be pointed out that some enthusiasts have not clear my remarks and partially or totally limit themselves only to exhibit  the stone "on resting", so penalizing also valid stones.

My critics want to be only constructive ones.

A thanks to Luciana who after the judgements has explained the merits and default as well as the improvements in the exhibit of the stones.

Carlo Laghi

 The stones in exhibition

1° prize
Mr. Primangelo Pondini

2° prize
Mr. Luciano Ghetti

3° prize
"Mt. Fuji"
Mr. Ettore Gardini

The best "Object Stone"
"Mother's love "
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

The best "Stone to admire"
"Beyond the track"
Mr. Lorenzo Elespini

Mention of Merit
"The Thaw"
Mr. Carlo Laghi

Mention of  Merit
"Trickles at moonlight"
Mr. Attilio Valdifiori

Mention of  Merit
"The way"
Mr. Leopoldo Mugellesi

"The roaring oak"
Mr. Leopoldo Mugellesi

Mr. Fausto Molinari

Mr. Luciano Ghigi

"Snowy summit"
Mr. Rolando Calanca

"White Mesa"
Mr. Leopoldo Mugellesi

Mr. Roberto Benfenati

"The man with thee double face"
Mrs. Maria Petillo

Mr. Rolando Calanca

"The Mexican"
Mrs. Maria Petillo

"Male sex appeal"
Mr. Luciano Ghigi

Mr. Venanzio Turci

"Ayers Rock"
Mrs. Maria Petillo

"Rugby ball"
Mrs. Maria Petillo

"Old incisions"
Mrs. Maria Petillo

"Easter Island"
Mr. Luciano Ghigi

"Remembering " La Bella ""
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

"My country"
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

"No name"
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

"Sandstone Mountain"
Mr. Luciano Ghigi

"To the limit of the sky"
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

"Sacred Fujiama"
Mr. Luciano Ghigi

"Flying among the clouds"
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

"Far away glances"
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

"The anonymous"
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri

"At moonlight"
Mr. Guglielmo Plebani

"The Matterhorn"
Mr. Leopoldo Mugellesi

"Remembering a friend"
Mr. Omero Faitanini

"Plumed pride"
Mr. Leopoldo Mugellesi

"Mother of the ices"
Mr. Leopoldo Mugellesi

"Spirit of the rock"
Mr. Roberto Benfenati

"Water stone"
Mr. Giancarlo Trombelli

Mr. Antonio Morri

At Sarzana the stones of the Club 'Unici di Liguria' in exhibition

June 29th - July 1st
Sarzana (La Spezia)
The Club Unici di Liguria have reopened for the ninth year the inside gate of the liberty wash-house in Mascardi Street  to prepare 14 inside spaces of the wash-house and 4 tables positioned on the perimeter of the courtyard, covered by the liberty cast- iron structure and surrounded by the old houses of the historic centre.
The theme of the exhibition was based on the amazing mastery of the Nature in recreating itself in a reduced scale, in shapes  and colours.

"Sea storm"
Biseki stone
by Mrs.Luciana Queirolo

by Mr. Andrea Schenone

"Human figure"
by Mr. Andrea Schenone

 by Mr. Fabio Zucchelli

"Wandering knight "
Multi stand by Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

"When the Nature carves,
   when the Nature paints"
 Multi stand by Mrs.Luciana Queirolo

 Multi stand by Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

"Landscape on a slab"
by Mr. Angelo Attinà

"Snow storm"
by Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

"Wild paths"
by Mr. Giorgio Bonanni

by Mr. Alberto Grossi

by Mr. Andrea Schenone

by Mr. Andrea Schenone

"Mountain chain"
by Mr. Fabio Zucchelli

by  Mr. Angelo Attinà

by Mr. Mario Ferrari

by Mr. Mario Ferrari

"Far away mountain"
 by Mr. Granco Argenti

by Mr. Giorgio Bonanni

 Abstract stone by Mr. Andrea Schenone

"Sign of the infinite"
 by Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

 by Mr. Giuseppe Debole

 by Mr. Maurizio Castiglione

"Abstract figure"
by Mr. Maurizio Castiglione

by Mr.  Maurizio Castiglione

II° Trophy Town of Poppi: report of Mr.Marino Nikpal, judge of the Suiseki Category

"II Trophy Town of Poppi"

Venue of the Exhibition : the Count Guidi Castle of Poppi (AR) , June 16-17th 2007

Report by Mr. Marino Nikpal,  judge for the Suiseki category

In one of the best Italian Medieval Village , the Commune of Poppi, in cooperation with the TOSHOO EN Club , has organized the " II° Trophy Town of Poppi " for Bonsai and Suiseki lovers.
Two out of time days have been experienced out of the frenetic rhythms of dayly life, admiring the landscapes  and tasting the typical food.
The organizers have devoted themselves in the preparation of the exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki in order to be up to the places and the atmospheres, between one and another merlon of the Castle.
In this environment the exhibited plants and stones, with their good standards, have contributed to render the atmosphere much more suggestive.
At the end of the exhibit , as in every contest, there have been the awardings so expected by the participants.
3 First Prizes and 10 Mentions of Merit , which have contributed to satisfy a large part of the participants, have been assigned for the Bonsai.
A First Prize and 2 Mentions of Merit, hereunder listed, have been assigned for the Suiseki : 

Best Suiseki

'The Thaw'

Of Mr.Carlo Laghi


Mention on Merit 
'The Creation'
of Mr. Sergio Bassi
Mention on Merit 
'Your swells moved by the wind'
of Mr. Claudio Nuti
Another merit of the Organizers is that they have well thought to edit a catalogue of the event with the photos of  Bonsai and Suiseki.
The appointment for the enthusiasts is for the next year with the promise made by the Organizers to increase  the awards for our Category which has had a remarkable participation considering that it was the first year which they exhibited Suiseki and this in demostration  that there are always more and more lovers of our art.

XXIII° EBA-ESA Congress 2007 in Ostend : photo gallery

XXIII EBA-ESA Congress 2007

Photo gallery

Click on the preview of the image to visualize the photo gallery

Moments of the Congress

During the Gala Dinner to Mr.Willi Benz President of ESA has been presented by Mr.I.C.Su in addition to the BCI President  Award for the most outstanding suiseki in exhibition, also the BCI President Award in Honor and  Appreciation of the XXIII EBA-ESA Convention 2007 in Ostend .

The ESA President Mr.Willi Benz ,in  his turn,  has thought   it advisable to present such last award to the ESA Vice President  Mr.Vito Di Venere for his precious cooperation in the ESA.

The A.I.A.S. Secretary Mr.Vito Di Venere  has presented, on behalf   of the A.I.A.S. President Mrs. Luciana Queirolo, the A.I.A.S. President Suiseki Award to a wonderful stone from (perhaps a meteorite) Island with lake” of Mr. Antonin Krejcir (Rep.Slovakia).

 A.I.A.S. President Suiseki Award
 to the stone "Island with lake” 
of Mr. Antonin Krejcir

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