XXIII° EBA-ESA Congress 2007 in Ostend : photo gallery

XXIII EBA-ESA Congress 2007

Photo gallery

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Moments of the Congress

During the Gala Dinner to Mr.Willi Benz President of ESA has been presented by Mr.I.C.Su in addition to the BCI President  Award for the most outstanding suiseki in exhibition, also the BCI President Award in Honor and  Appreciation of the XXIII EBA-ESA Convention 2007 in Ostend .

The ESA President Mr.Willi Benz ,in  his turn,  has thought   it advisable to present such last award to the ESA Vice President  Mr.Vito Di Venere for his precious cooperation in the ESA.

The A.I.A.S. Secretary Mr.Vito Di Venere  has presented, on behalf   of the A.I.A.S. President Mrs. Luciana Queirolo, the A.I.A.S. President Suiseki Award to a wonderful stone from (perhaps a meteorite) Island with lake” of Mr. Antonin Krejcir (Rep.Slovakia).

 A.I.A.S. President Suiseki Award
 to the stone "Island with lake” 
of Mr. Antonin Krejcir