In Cusercoli (Forlì) the 4th edition of the exhibition “The Romagnoli”

Sunday 11th    and 18th  November 2007
4th Exhibition Suiseki Parade  “The Romagnoli” 

Castle of Cusercoli  (Cusercoli- Forlì)

Report by Mr. Carlo Laghi

It seems the day before yesterday when ,  as fresh AIAS member and thanks to the advices which some friends decided to give me , I prepared with care the stones with which I took part to the AIAS Congress on 2003 in Carmagnola.

Veduta del Castello di Cusercoli
With my great satisfaction I knew, by hand, the spirit, the ideas and the AIAS people. Returned back home  while talking , with friends of the Bonsai Club Forlì neighbours common holders about what had happened to me in Turin , I succeeded to transmit them my sensations , so much to get them involved in the AIAS and, as much important, to organize with them an exhibition –parade of suiseki .
 It was summer 2004 and in our country the roof garden and a part of the Guidi di Bagno Count’s Castle , now property of the Civitella of Romagna Commune , were opened to public after the restoration works.
We decided that that one should have been the seat of our exhibition.
Helped by the local Tourist Office “Chiusa d’Ercole”, we organized  an exhibition composed only by suiseki (the first one in the Forlì area) . We exhibited the stones we had and those which took part to the AIAS Congress 2003 and 2004 (at Crespi in Parabiago –Mi).  It was a success  and as a single event we proposed to represent it the years to come.

This is the 4th edition  and the participation combined with the interest of the public has supported our decision.

The suiseki exhibition in the charming frame of the Castle’s halls.


On Sunday , November 18th also the TV has intervened and locally Tv watchers  could see our exhibition .

In the photo, the interview to Mr. Claudio Villa.

We had asked our old friend  and AIAS Board member  Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri an opinion on our stones: he has been impressed by “Water streams”(Mountain chain of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori), by “The devote” (Object stone od Mr. Mario Valgiusti), by “Moonlight” (a multi-stand of Mr. Carlo Laghi) and secondly by “Over the clouds” (landscape stone by Mr. Pierangelo Pondini exhibited in a tokonoma)   and by “The Samurai” (Object stone by Mr. Luciano Ghetti).
 The previous Sunday , November 11th , the public had chosen “ Black Tower ” the outstanding Biseki of Mr. Ettore Gardini.

Following Mr. Enny ‘s believe, what is there of much better, at the closing of the exhibition,  than to confront each other around a table with first, second and third dishes?

The suiseki in exhibition

The suiseki presented by Mr. Ettore Gardini

"Black Tower" 

"Wild summits"

"Mount Fuji"

The suiseki presented by Mr. Luciano Ghetti

"The Samurai"

The suiseki presented by Mr. Carlo Laghi


A particular

A particular

A particular

"Genesis: the first day"

"The 4 seasons"


 The suiseki presented by Mr. Primangelo Pondini

"At the borders of the sky

"Over the clouds"

"Skimming flight"

 The suiseki presented by Mr. Attilio Valdifiori


"Water streams

"Old man"

The suiseki presented by Mr. Mario Valgiusti

"The Hill of the infinite

"The devote"

"The Eagle"