II° Trophy Town of Poppi: report of Mr.Marino Nikpal, judge of the Suiseki Category

"II Trophy Town of Poppi"

Venue of the Exhibition : the Count Guidi Castle of Poppi (AR) , June 16-17th 2007

Report by Mr. Marino Nikpal,  judge for the Suiseki category

In one of the best Italian Medieval Village , the Commune of Poppi, in cooperation with the TOSHOO EN Club , has organized the " II° Trophy Town of Poppi " for Bonsai and Suiseki lovers.
Two out of time days have been experienced out of the frenetic rhythms of dayly life, admiring the landscapes  and tasting the typical food.
The organizers have devoted themselves in the preparation of the exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki in order to be up to the places and the atmospheres, between one and another merlon of the Castle.
In this environment the exhibited plants and stones, with their good standards, have contributed to render the atmosphere much more suggestive.
At the end of the exhibit , as in every contest, there have been the awardings so expected by the participants.
3 First Prizes and 10 Mentions of Merit , which have contributed to satisfy a large part of the participants, have been assigned for the Bonsai.
A First Prize and 2 Mentions of Merit, hereunder listed, have been assigned for the Suiseki : 

Best Suiseki

'The Thaw'

Of Mr.Carlo Laghi


Mention on Merit 
'The Creation'
of Mr. Sergio Bassi
Mention on Merit 
'Your swells moved by the wind'
of Mr. Claudio Nuti
Another merit of the Organizers is that they have well thought to edit a catalogue of the event with the photos of  Bonsai and Suiseki.
The appointment for the enthusiasts is for the next year with the promise made by the Organizers to increase  the awards for our Category which has had a remarkable participation considering that it was the first year which they exhibited Suiseki and this in demostration  that there are always more and more lovers of our art.