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The III Certamen National de Suiseki has taken place in Spain

The III Certamen National de Suiseki has taken place in Parla (Spain), the suiseki exhibition of the Parla (Madrid) Club Amigos del Bonsai members.

The nine best suiseki of this exhibit will represent the town of Madrid  to the Nacional Congress of Bonsai, which will be organized by the Spanish Association of Bonsai in Benalmadena (Malaga) from 12th to 14th  October 2007.

The competition has been won by the stone of Mrs. Pilar Guillen Ovejero who, together with her husband and to some Spanish friends , among which Mr. Jesus Quintas, are regular attenders of the AIAS  Congresses.

The AIAS member Mr. José Manuel  Blázquez   has taken part to the exhibition with five stones
and among these a good  two have been  elected to represent  the town of Madrid  to the National Spanish Exhibition. Further more Josè has been accepted  as member  by the Nippon Suiseki Association.

To see some images of the suiseki in contest :http://bonsaimania.com/exposicion_Bonsai_Suiseki_Parla_2007.htm#suisekis

XI° National U.B.I. Congress 2007 : report by Mr. Vito Di Venere


Hotel Royal – Casabianca di FERMO (FM)  February 23rd-25th 2007

Report by Mr. Vito Di Venere , A.I.A.S. Secretary

This year only 6 suiseki have been presented to the U.B.I. Contest against the 10 admitted by the Regulations  for the selection relative  to the U.B.I. Catalogue of the Best Bonsai and Suiseki  2007; this has allowed the admission of all  6 suiseki participating to the Exhibition/Contest.

Six were also the prizes to be awarded : 1st Prize U.B.I. Plate 2007, two U.B.I. Mention of Merit Plate 2007,  one I.B.S. Plate, one A.I.A.S. Plate , one BCI President Award Certificate.

The Organizing  Committee, since a competent Jury had not been previously appointed, asked to Mrs. Chiara Padrini and to me to accomplish such a task.

To this purpose, considering  that I had arranged the registration of one suiseki of mine to the U.B.I. Contest , I found myself in a evident clash of interest  for such a task therefore I deemed it necessary , for intellectual and moral honesty, to refuse such appointment.

The Jury then, composed by Mrs. Chiara Padrini and by Mr. Armando Dal Col, has  so granted the three U.B.I. Awards :


1st Prize U.B.I. Plate 2007 

to Mrs. Neida Rodriguez


U.B.I. Mention of Merit Plate 2007  
to Mrs. Chiara Padrini 
U.B.I. Mention of Merit Plate 2007 
to Mr. Vito Di Venere
"Fishermen   Island"

In addition Mrs. Chiara Padrini has awarded the Ligurian Palombino stone of Mrs. Neida Rodriguez with the I.B.S. Plate; undoubtedly a praize worthy suiseki  which I too retained , in my turn, to award with the A.I.A.S. Plate……. and so Puerto Rico  brought home three awards with a sole Italian stone ! 


The B.C.I. President Award Certicate has been granted to Mr. Gino Martino :

B.C.I. President Award Certicate

to Mr. Gino Martino

The other stones in display


The stone of Mr. Marino Nikpal


The stone of Mr. Massimo Martini
"Peaks of the Moon"

Historical goal for the review Bonsai & News : the 100th number is just coming out

The front cover of the hundredth number


“Bonsai & News”,  the Italian authoritative review edited by the Publisher Crespi , celebrates the goal of its hundredth  issue with a special number to collect.

Miss Susanna Crespi  of the editorial staff dedicates, among the many initiatives which enrich this historical number , an article to the story of Bonsai and Suiseki in Italy.

Other information about the publication  “Bonsai & News”


In memory of a friend : Mr. Emilio Parolari

We have learnt with consternation and deep sorrow  that Mr.Emilio Parolari , President of the IBS National College   and friend of many of us , suddenly passed away in Arco di Trento ,  untimely  missing to his relatives and to us.

A way to die  which we all wish , the “Death of the Angels” when one passes, perhaps unwittingly, from a sleep to another;  the death of the Just, as good and honest Emilio was.

For the family and for the friends it is highly difficult to have peace.


I like to remember him still with us, in a thoughtless day, devoted to the things we love.


The funeral rites have taken place in Arco di Trento and Mr. Marino Nikpal , Vice President of A.I.A.S., was present in delegation of our Association.

Luciana Queirolo

















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