In memory of a friend : Mr. Emilio Parolari

We have learnt with consternation and deep sorrow  that Mr.Emilio Parolari , President of the IBS National College   and friend of many of us , suddenly passed away in Arco di Trento ,  untimely  missing to his relatives and to us.

A way to die  which we all wish , the “Death of the Angels” when one passes, perhaps unwittingly, from a sleep to another;  the death of the Just, as good and honest Emilio was.

For the family and for the friends it is highly difficult to have peace.


I like to remember him still with us, in a thoughtless day, devoted to the things we love.


The funeral rites have taken place in Arco di Trento and Mr. Marino Nikpal , Vice President of A.I.A.S., was present in delegation of our Association.

Luciana Queirolo