At Sarzana the stones of the Club 'Unici di Liguria' in exhibition

June 29th - July 1st
Sarzana (La Spezia)
The Club Unici di Liguria have reopened for the ninth year the inside gate of the liberty wash-house in Mascardi Street  to prepare 14 inside spaces of the wash-house and 4 tables positioned on the perimeter of the courtyard, covered by the liberty cast- iron structure and surrounded by the old houses of the historic centre.
The theme of the exhibition was based on the amazing mastery of the Nature in recreating itself in a reduced scale, in shapes  and colours.

"Sea storm"
Biseki stone
by Mrs.Luciana Queirolo

by Mr. Andrea Schenone

"Human figure"
by Mr. Andrea Schenone

 by Mr. Fabio Zucchelli

"Wandering knight "
Multi stand by Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

"When the Nature carves,
   when the Nature paints"
 Multi stand by Mrs.Luciana Queirolo

 Multi stand by Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

"Landscape on a slab"
by Mr. Angelo Attinà

"Snow storm"
by Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

"Wild paths"
by Mr. Giorgio Bonanni

by Mr. Alberto Grossi

by Mr. Andrea Schenone

by Mr. Andrea Schenone

"Mountain chain"
by Mr. Fabio Zucchelli

by  Mr. Angelo Attinà

by Mr. Mario Ferrari

by Mr. Mario Ferrari

"Far away mountain"
 by Mr. Granco Argenti

by Mr. Giorgio Bonanni

 Abstract stone by Mr. Andrea Schenone

"Sign of the infinite"
 by Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

 by Mr. Giuseppe Debole

 by Mr. Maurizio Castiglione

"Abstract figure"
by Mr. Maurizio Castiglione

by Mr.  Maurizio Castiglione