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Who has  not the possibility to participate personally,  who loves to try again  the experienced emotions, can find exhaustive reports and photos  regarding the occurred  Exhibitions on the web site  :


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Mr.Carlo Laghi relates the 5th Suiseki Exhibition-Parade at Cusercoli Castle

9th and 16th November 2008

5th Suiseki   Exhibition-Parade “ Castle of Cusercoli ”


Castle of Cusercoli - (Forlì - Cesena)
Report of Mr. Carlo Laghi

The Exhibition of the AIAS members from Romagna raises slowly slowly, not as number of stones which is fixed at 25, but as exhibition and atmosphere in the prefixed places.

View of Cusercoli Castle

I remember to everybody that the place in the past  was the wine-cellar of the castle and has a very fine bricks’ vault.

Well, we have mounted a computer and a video , on which a presentation in power point is projected with a Japanese musical background (a hundred stones’  slides with the concerning references of AIAS members from Romagna and not).

This novelty intrigues and animates the visit of the public.

This initiative could be adopted by the Organizers of the annual AIAS Congress, properly choosing the contents both visual and musical.

For information, Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri, our dearest close home friend  has visited the exhibition and has choosen as best stones :

“Faraway horizon”, landscape stone of Mr. Primangelo Pondini, already awarded with the IBS plaque  during the AIAS Congress in 2005.

“Our Lady” , object stone of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori.

“The waterway” , multistand  of Mr. Carlo Laghi

Mention of merit for the following stones :

“The fresh plateau after the rain” , landscape stone of Mr. Claudio Villa

“Madonna of the veil” , object stone of Mr. Ettore Gardini.

On the tokonoma has been positioned the object stone “The traveller” of Mr. Carlo Laghi (an Istrian stone collected by Mr. Marino Nikpal” along with a painting “Autumn” of Miss Valentina Laghi and an azalea bud of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori.

A particular greeting goes to the friends of the “Valle d’Itria Association”, it is to me still lively the souvenir of the beautiful days spent together during the AIAS Congress 2008 in Alberobello.

The exhibition of  suiseki in the amazing setting of the Castle halls.

In the photo, the interview to Mr. Claudio Villa, broadcasted on air on November 21st. From the questions submitted , however, the public in general will still need many other comments to understand a little of this very nice art.

The suiseki in exhibition

The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Ettore Gardini

"Zen Monk" 

"Madonna of the veil"

Mention of merit

"Machu Picchu"

 The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Luciano Ghetti


 The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Carlo Laghi

"The waterway"

Best multistand  exhibition





A particular


A particular


A particular



"The temple keeper"

"The Traveller"

"Lightning in the night"

"Eroded by the wind"

 The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Primangelo Pondini

"The loner

"Faraway Horizon"

Best landscape stone

"The valley"

"The plateau"

"There where it is born"

 The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Attilio Valdifiori


"The perched

"Moby Dick"

"Our Lady"

Best object stone

"Sweet hills"

The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Claudio Villa

"I follow the water looking for my source

"The fresh plateau after the rain"

Mention of merit

The links with two videos made during the Spanish Suiseki exhibitions in 2008

The A.I.A.S. member Josè Manuel Blazquez points out the links with two videos made during the exhibitions performed in 2008 and transmitted by Spanish TV :

IV Suiseki exhibition of the Bonsai Club's members of Alcalà of Henares

At Alcalà de Henares ( Madrid ), the birthplace town of Miguel de Cervantes,   author of The Don Quixote, the members of the "Alcalà de HenaresBonsai Friends Club" have organized the IV Exhibition of Suiseki.

During the event our three Spanish members Josè Manuel Blazquez, Juan Josè Bueno and Jesus Quintas have held a lecture on the theme “The perception , the attention and the appreciation of Suiseki in terms of artistic , psychological and  practical value“ .

The photos of the event are visible at the address :


A landscape stone of Mr. Josè Manuel Blazquez has been awarded by the people's vote as the best one in ehibition :


The 8th International Meeting of Bonsai & Suiseki: Crespi Suiseki Cup 2008

In the ambit of the 8th International Meeting of Bonsai & Suiseki , the Crespi Suiseki Cup Trophy 2008 has been assigned to this landscape stone of Chinese origin, supported by a daiza of Italian manufacture. The owner Mr. Carlo Gori, A.I.A.S. member.

Sole judge of the event Mr. Martin Pauli, known international expert of the Japanese school of Mr. Arishige Matsuura.

Also the two mentions of merit have been granted to two A.I.A.S. members and I.B.S. Instructors: Mr. Ezio Piovanelli and Mr. Andrea Schenone.

Mention of Merit
by Mr. Ezio Piovanelli

Mention of Merit
by Mr. Andrea Schenone

The stones of the A.I.A.S. members

Kinzan Seki
by Mr. Angelo Attinà

by Mr. Igor Carino

by Mr. Amedeo Ducoli

by Mr. Mario Ferrari

by Mr. Cesare Fumagalli

by Mr. Marino Nikpal

by Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

by Mrs. Daniela Schifano

by Mr. Lorenzo Sonzini

by Mr. Fabio Zucchelli

A Reggio Emilia, diciassettesima edizione della Mostra Nazionale Bonsai e Suiseki della Giareda

Si è svolta a Reggio Emilia la diciassettesima edizione della “Mostra Nazionale Bonsai e Suiseki della Giareda”,  magnificamente organizzata dal Helen Club Bonsai in collaborazione con la scuola ”Progetto Futuro “ di Enrico Savini.


Nelle giornate 6/7 settembre 2008, nella cornice del Chiostro del Tempio della B.V. Ghiara, sono stati esposti a concorso un centinaio di bonsai dei più apprezzati istruttori  I.B.S.  e di tante promesse del bonsai nazionale, più venticinque suiseki appartenenti alle collezioni di amatori provenienti da tutta Italia.



Giudice delle pietre a concorso, Fabrizio Buccini, noto esperto di suiseki.


1° classificato: Erio Castagneti    - montagna in lontananza

2° classificato:                                - montagna vicina

3°classificato: Ulisse Maccaferri - pietra oggetto (Adler)



Da sinistra, le immagini dei tre suiseki premiati :


Le altre pietre in mostra :



III° Trophy Town of Poppi: report of Mr.Marino Nikpal

III° Trophy Town of Poppi

Venue of the Exhibition : the Count Guidi Castle of Poppi (AR) , June 14-15th 2008

Report by Mr. Marino Nikpal,  judge for the Suiseki category

And so also this year the Toshoo En, in cooperation with the Municipality of Poppi, has organized the third edition of the Town of Poppi Trophy  for Bonsai and Suiseki lovers.
Weather conditions on Saturday were not fair but on Sunday improved and the event obtained the deserved success. The exhibition arranged among the merlons of the castle always evokes a warm and suggestive aura.
The participation of Suiseki lovers is increasing every year as well as the level of the suiseki exhibited, this as evidence of the interest that the event is sparking and not only in the ambit of Tuscany.
At the event's conclusion, in a fair and relaxed atmosphere, arrived the awards which, as by promise made by organizers for the suiseki contest have been increased from 2 to 5.
In facts 2 first Best Suiseki Awards, 3  mentions of merit have been granted  and not least the I.B.S. Award :

Best Suiseki

'Water Streams'

by Mr.Attilio Valdifiori

Best Suiseki

'The Lovers' Cliff'

by Mr.Sergio Bassi


Mention of Merit

'The Black Madonna'

by Mr.Claudio Nuti

Mention of Merit

'Zen Monk'

by Mr.Ettore Gardini

Mention of Merit

'Great Canyon'

by Mr.Gianni Troiani


I.B.S. Award

'Solitude valleys'

by Mr. Carlo Laghi

For the Bonsai 3 First Prize Awards , 10 Mentions of Merit  and the IBS Award. 
Mr. Lorenzo Agnoletti was judge in charge for the Bonsai Section, Mr. Marino Nikpal for the Suiseki section to whom the Organizers have delivered a recognition plate for the work carried out.
Also this edition will be published on a catalogue with all photos  of participating Bonsai and Suiseki .
The appointment for the enthusiasts of the sector is for next year, do not miss.

The others stones in display


A new forum dedicated to suiseki is born in Italy

The Napoli Bonsai Club & Suiseki,  of which you can consult a brief presentation  to the page http://www.aias-suiseki.it/en/link/associazioni/NapoliBonsaiClub, invites enthusiasts to participate numerous to the new

"...an open space to all those who wish to share their knowledge and their experiences with all the others, but also a space dedicated to all Suiseki lovers who  so far did not have a platform in Internet for promoting and  debate about all what runs around to the magic Suiseki planet."

In Vienna the EBA-ESA Convention 2008

The Austrian Bonsai Association supported by the Telecom Austria and by the Kapsch A.G. has hosted in Vienna at the Central Headquarters of "Telecom Austria"  from 25th to 27th  April  the EBA-ESA Convention 2008. The E.S.A. President Mr. Willi Benz and  Mr. Jack Dennis, Newsletter editor for five years of the California Aiseki-Kai, have held  two very intersting lectures.

Considerable has been the contribution to the exhibition of Suiseki of the A.I.A.S. members inscribed with E.S.A. :  Mrs. Daniela Schifano as A.I.A.S. representative with the stone "The Messenger" winner of the A.I.A.S. Trophy 2007, Mr. Vito Di Venere (ESA Vice-President) , Mrs. Luciana Queirolo (ESA Board member), Mr. Angelo Attinà, Mr.Cesare Fumagalli, Mr. Marino Nikpal.

Photos Gallery : the images of suiseki exhibited by our members

Mr. Willi Benz has granted " The BCI  Award of Recognition The Most outstanding Suiseki" to the suiseki  Mountain stone of Mr. Angelo Attinà. This suggestive suiseki has afterwards been also granted  the UBI 1st Prize Suiseki Award 2008 at Arco di Trento.

The suiseki 'Near landscape' by Mr.Angelo Attinà


'Hokaido' by Mrs.Gudrun Benz



The Japanese suiseki "Hokaido" exhibited by Mrs. Gudrun Benz has widely deserved our admiration  and the A.I.A.S. plate.


Finally , relaxing moments of A.I.A.S. members :

At first , from the bottom..... 

but after always higher !

From Spain the images of the suiseki of "Amigos del Bonsái" Club's members

The A.I.A.S. member Mr. José Manuel Blázquez  brings to our attention and invites us to visit the page :
which suggests the images of suiseki exhibited at the IV Certamen Nacional de Suiseki of the  "Amigos del Bonsái" Club's members of Parla (Madrid).

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