Mr.Carlo Laghi relates the 5th Suiseki Exhibition-Parade at Cusercoli Castle

9th and 16th November 2008

5th Suiseki   Exhibition-Parade “ Castle of Cusercoli ”


Castle of Cusercoli - (Forlì - Cesena)
Report of Mr. Carlo Laghi

The Exhibition of the AIAS members from Romagna raises slowly slowly, not as number of stones which is fixed at 25, but as exhibition and atmosphere in the prefixed places.

View of Cusercoli Castle

I remember to everybody that the place in the past  was the wine-cellar of the castle and has a very fine bricks’ vault.

Well, we have mounted a computer and a video , on which a presentation in power point is projected with a Japanese musical background (a hundred stones’  slides with the concerning references of AIAS members from Romagna and not).

This novelty intrigues and animates the visit of the public.

This initiative could be adopted by the Organizers of the annual AIAS Congress, properly choosing the contents both visual and musical.

For information, Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri, our dearest close home friend  has visited the exhibition and has choosen as best stones :

“Faraway horizon”, landscape stone of Mr. Primangelo Pondini, already awarded with the IBS plaque  during the AIAS Congress in 2005.

“Our Lady” , object stone of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori.

“The waterway” , multistand  of Mr. Carlo Laghi

Mention of merit for the following stones :

“The fresh plateau after the rain” , landscape stone of Mr. Claudio Villa

“Madonna of the veil” , object stone of Mr. Ettore Gardini.

On the tokonoma has been positioned the object stone “The traveller” of Mr. Carlo Laghi (an Istrian stone collected by Mr. Marino Nikpal” along with a painting “Autumn” of Miss Valentina Laghi and an azalea bud of Mr. Attilio Valdifiori.

A particular greeting goes to the friends of the “Valle d’Itria Association”, it is to me still lively the souvenir of the beautiful days spent together during the AIAS Congress 2008 in Alberobello.

The exhibition of  suiseki in the amazing setting of the Castle halls.

In the photo, the interview to Mr. Claudio Villa, broadcasted on air on November 21st. From the questions submitted , however, the public in general will still need many other comments to understand a little of this very nice art.

The suiseki in exhibition

The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Ettore Gardini

"Zen Monk" 

"Madonna of the veil"

Mention of merit

"Machu Picchu"

 The suiseki exhibited by Mr.Luciano Ghetti


 The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Carlo Laghi

"The waterway"

Best multistand  exhibition





A particular


A particular


A particular



"The temple keeper"

"The Traveller"

"Lightning in the night"

"Eroded by the wind"

 The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Primangelo Pondini

"The loner

"Faraway Horizon"

Best landscape stone

"The valley"

"The plateau"

"There where it is born"

 The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Attilio Valdifiori


"The perched

"Moby Dick"

"Our Lady"

Best object stone

"Sweet hills"

The suiseki exhibited by Mr. Claudio Villa

"I follow the water looking for my source

"The fresh plateau after the rain"

Mention of merit