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The Suiseki exhibited at the XII UBI Congress in Arco di Trento

Near landscape view Pegasus The messenger Yatsumi,the bridge of dreams Mountains chain


Suiseki winner of the

UBI Suiseki Award 2008

'Near landscape view'

of Mr. Angelo Attinà


UBI Mention of Merit




of Mr.Marino Nikpal


UBI Mention of Merit

I.B.S. Plate

'The messenger'

of Mrs. Daniela Schifano


BCI Award of Recognition

The Most outstanding Suiseki

'Yatsumi,the bridge of dreams'

of Mrs.Luciana Queirolo


A.I.A.S. Plate

'Mountains chain'

of Mr.Fabrizio Beltrame




The only judge, Mr. Vito Di Venere, has granted the U.B.I. Suieki Award 2008 to the landscape stone “Near landscape view” of Mr. Angelo Attinà.
The suiseki had already been awarded, some days before, by Mr. Willi Benz, President of ESA  and  BCI 2nd Vice-President, jointly with Directors of BCI Mrs.Chiara Padrini and Mrs.Frieda Joris, also with the ”BCI Award of Recognition - the Most Outstanding Suiseki” in the ambit of the EBA-ESA Congress in Vienna.
Mr. Vito Di Venere  has in addition assigned the two U.B.I. Mention of Merit  to the suiseki “Pegasus” of Mr. Marino Nikpal and to the suiseki “The Messenger” of Mrs.Daniela Schifano, already awarded with the A.I.A.S. Suiseki Trophy 2007 ,  and the A.I.A.S. plate  to the suiseki “Mountains chain”  of Mr. Fabrizio Beltrame.

Mrs. Chiara Padrini, President of I.B.S.  and B.C.I. Director , has assigned the I.B.S. Plate  to the Suiseki “The Messenger”  of Mrs. Daniela Schifano  and the “B.C.I. Award of Recognition –The Most outstanding Suiseki” to the Suiseki “Yatsumi the bridge of dreams” of Mrs. Luciana Queirolo.

During the event the total change of the U.B.I. Board has also taken place  and our member and IBS Instructor Mr. Marino Nikpal has been elected in the New Board of Directors. We are confident  that thanks to Marino’s work , the Suiseki will finally receive a large push inside U.B.I.. From our side, it is necessary the largest cooperation, increasing the memberships to the U.B.I. and participating to the annual Exhibition/Congress with our best pieces, so giving to suiseki the great visibility which it deserves

Appointment to the XIII UBI Congress which will take place in Salerno  on March 2009.

The suiseki in exhibition

U.B.I. Suieki Award 2008
'Near landscape view'
Mr. Angelo Attinà

UBI Mention of Merit 2008
Mr. Marino Nikpal

UBI Mention of Merit 2008
I.B.S. Plate
'The messenger'
Mrs. Daniela Schifano

"BCI Award of Recognition
the Most Outstanding Suiseki"
'Yatsumi, the bridge of dreams'
Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

A.I.A.S. Plate
'Mountains chain'
Mr. Fabrizio Beltrame

'The snakes Island '
Mr. Antonio Conte

'The Phoenix'
Mrs. Paola Gramigni

'Jump in the blue'
Mr. Ezio Piovanelli 




José Manuel Blázquez relates about 'I Certamen de Suiseki de España - Arishige Matsuura' in Alcobendas (Madrid)

It has been a whole success!
We are much satisfied and we already think to celebrate the second contest for next year.

Over 3000 people have visited the Exhibition. I believe that we have nothing to envy to the exhibitions made by our bonsai friends.

Mr.Matsuura has received a very good impression from all participants; he foresee that our manifestation will become very important in the future, changing in short time in the most important event of the country, at European standard.

According his experience, this our first test has overcome the standard which is normally achieved at first experience.

Some important data pertaining to the event. The contest has received the following press releases :

  • The Newsletter of the week-end of the TV net  'The Sexta ', in the programs of noon and of the night, with an interview to Mr.Matsuura.
  • Cultural Agenda of the day of the Madrid telecast  during all the week.
  • Daily Agenda of the newspaper  'El Pais' for Madrid , on Thursday May 1st
  • Daily journal and local magazine of Alcobendas and of the north area of Madrid.
Notices there will be in the following number of ‘Bonsai Autochthonous’, with an ample article of notices on the event.
This, in spite of the fact that televisions and journals were engaged by the recurrence of the 2nd  May in Madrid: an event that, although has made to us an enormous competition , has not darken the news of our first “Certamen”  and notwithstanding the suiseki art, is so far not well known in Spain.

You can see some photos in the following links :
This is only a small summary of the 1.200 photos we have collected.
The book-catalogue of the contest will be freely distributed to all participants that have exhibited some of their suiseki, but they will be on sale with a rebate of 20% and with a reasonable price, for all members of the Spanish Suiseki Association of which it will be our care to inform you in the next weeks.


Mr. José Manuel Blázquez

Mr. Carlo Laghi relates about Gonzaga 2008

A.I.A.S., since its constitution, spreads its own thought and art to common people with exhibitions and expositions.

After the proposal and the related approval during the General Assembly 2007 in Castelfranco, a maniple of A.I.A.S.  members have taken part and made ready a kind of mini A.I.A.S. Congress  in the so called Mantuan Oltrepò at the millenarian fair of Gonzaga to coincide with the “Lambrusco” (red sparkling wine) and “Italian Flavours” and “Bonsai world, Art and Nature in contest” .

In the center of the pavilion hoisting the bonsai , about thirty stones have been exhibited  with a generosity of spaces which we could have never expected , to clarify spaces of 1,2 – 1,3 linear meters at disposal for every stone. New proposal were not missing among the stones exhibited.



Really praiseworthy the hospitality received by the Organizer Mrs.Laura (and all the staff) who has renewed the invitation for the future.

The very numerous public , after their sin of gluttony  has decided  to satisfy also the mind visiting and examining  our stones: so many persons did not know about suiseki and have been much satisfied for the discovery.

Later I can say that Aias (myself included) has lacked  in not making ready a kind of secretary desk with a logo and some  common information sheets with main basic on suiseki, together with our web site references. We hope to do it in the next exhibitions.

To conclude I can quietly affirm the setting, the hospitality and the organization suggest to keep  this  possibility in consideration for the future  for the annual Aias Congress.

The suiseki in exhibition



The suiseki presented by Club Amatori Bresciani




The suiseki presented by  Mr. Erio Annovi


The suiseki presented by  Mr. Carlo Laghi



The suiseki presented by  Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri



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