The new pages about the 14th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2011 Edition

In Florence has taken place the 14th A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2011 Edition.
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The XV National U.B.I. Congress

Sanremo,  1st-3rd April 2011

      The XV National U.B.I. Congress

The organization  of the XV U.B.I. Congress  has been this year entrusted to the Cultural Association  Bonsai Drynemetum  who has made ready an event of great level.  The facilities of the Palafiori of San Remo has been better utilized  to offer to the lovers a very wide commercial area, which has given  hospitality  to about 30 exhibitors, and a congressal area , as much wide,  where about 100 expository spaces have been prepared  to house Bonsai and Suiseki  of U.B.I. members, the lecture hall  and the area  for workshops and demonstrations regarding  Ikebana, Shodo and Sumi-e.


Visitors were received at the entrance by 4 tokonoma  prepared  by some recognized at national level  bonsai school   , while suiseki was represented by a space prepared by AIAS  which  has  displayed  two winning suiseki  of previous editions : “The dragon’s rock”  of Mrs. Luciana Queirolo  a stone  winner in 2006 and a suiseki of Mr. Ezio Piovanelli , winner  of the  2004 edition.

In consideration  of the great number of members enrolled to the exhibition , this year the UBI  has decided  to make the selection  for the admission   in  the catalogue: of the 15 suiseki  exhibited , the sole judge  appointed Mr. Sergio Malpeli  has selected 10 which will be included  in the next U.B.I. Catalogue. Unlike  the previous editions, however, the suiseki excluded  from the catalogue have remained  in exhibition, without however  participating  to the awarding  of the  merit plates. In fact , in addition  to the U.B.I.  recognitions , the A.I.A.S. and the I.B.S. plates have been assigned , by the judges  Mr. Vito Di Venere, A.I.A.S. Secretary, and Mrs. Luciana Queirolo , I.B.S. Instructor.

This U.B.I. Congress’  edition  has been marked  by two didactical  moments, theoretic and practical , of particular interest  for the suiseki lovers  attending to the exhibition.  On Saturday morning  Mrs. Luciana Queirolo  has held an interesting lecture on the report  between  shape and colour, suggesting  the images of some stones  in which the shadings of colour enriched their suggestive value.


Mrs. Luciana Queirolo has also read  some statements  of the Russian  paintor Vasilij Kandinsky  who in the work “ Spirituality in Art”  tells about  an art based  on the language of colour : in it Kandinsky  gives indications on the emotional properties  of every tone  and of each colour, binding one by one to the soul’s reply :  “If a colour  is associated to its privileged  shape, the effects and the emotions  coming out from colours and from the shape , are strengthened".


The day  continued  in the afternoon , with a programmed  excursion in the neighbours of Imperia , under the guide of Mr. Fabrizio Beltrame , expert  of the places and materials. In the shrubby surroundings  one could  find mainly  sandstones, but some lucky people could  also find a fine palombino stone.

The  day  ended with a classic  gala dinner , which took place in an interior  of great prestige, the Casino of San Remo  : in the  famous theatre  have taken place  the prizegiving , followed  by the dinner  served in the Giò Ponti hall. During the awardings Mr. Emilio Capozza has delivered  to Mr. Vito Di Venere the title of “UBI Ambassador”  with the purpose to represent  the Association in the  world for suiseki.  The title of “UBI Ambassador” for Bonsai  has been assigned to Mr. Salvatore Liporace.

This year the Congress provided an important associative moment : as a matter of facts there have been carried out the elections of the New Board , which during the members’ assembly  held on Sunday morning  has officially taken office .

The goodbye  is for the next edition, which will take place  in Arco di Trento.

The suiseki admitted to the Catalogue :

U.B.I. Suiseki Award 2011
I.B.S. Plaque
Mr. Angelo Attinà
Hills' Landscape
Landscape stone - Liguria

U.B.I.  Mention of  Merit
A.I.A.S. Plaque
Mr. Ezio Piovanelli
Vulcanic Island
Island stone - Liguria 

U.B.I.  Mention of Merit
Mr. Claudio Pecol
Abstract stone

Mr. Fabrizio Beltrame
Without title
Mr. Flavio Catrani 
Landscape stone

Mr. Vito Di Venere
The immemorial strength of time
Island stone
Mr. Filippo Lanfranchi
 The cave of Emanuela
Landscape stone - Tuscany

Mrs. Elvira Manuti 
Black Dragon
Mr. Marino Nikpal
The thinking woman
Object stone - Out of contest

Mr. Gianni Picella

The suiseki excluded from the Catalogue :


Mr. Giuseppe Cordone
 The residence of the suspended time
Plateau stone - Liguria
Mr. Cristiano De Santis 
Island stone

Mrs. Luciana Queirolo 
The 5th force of Nature
Chuso-seki - Liguria
Mr. Antonio Renzulli 
The island of ice
Island stone

Mrs. Daniela Schifano 
Hidden Plateau
Plateau stone - California (USA)
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