A.I.A.S. Exhibition and Congress - 2011 Edition

September, 17th-18th 2011

XIV A.I.A.S. National  Convention

Exhibition of Suiseki

Parterre Liberty Square  Florence

Memorial "Paola Gramigni"

Report by Mr. Carlo Laghi

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As you well know  the annual A.I.A.S. Congress is itinerant and this edition  has been organized  by the friends of the Associazione Toscana Amatori Bonsai e Suiseki (A.T.A.B.S.) in Florence.
To remember our dearest friend recently deceased , it has been   set-up the  "Memorial Paola Gramigni".
Florence does not need comments ...
There were present 33 members, who have presented 75 stones split  in the five admitted categories.  Furthermore  a suiseki of Paola Gramigni  has been exhibited  and also the stone winning the A.I.A.S. Trophy  of  the last edition. Sole judge of the event, as in 2006 always in Florence, was the international expert  Mr. Felix Rivera.

The judge Mr. Felix Rivera  during the comments on the stones.


The stone of Mrs. Paola Gramigni 

Saturday afternoon , while Mr. Rivera valuated the stone in display, a spanish Aias  member Mr. Jesus Quintas, translated by Mr. Roberto Mari,  has  exhibited  a presentation of  his way of thinking the suiseki: by means of photos  and drawings  he has shown us the  variuos  ways to  display  suiseki in the various seasons.  Furthermore, he has put at disposal  for the raffle  variuos copies of his book "Qseki 2009".



Some moments of the  conference

Excellent was the evening organized  by the A.T.A.B.S. President Mr. Sergio Bassi, a long date A.I.A.S. member : the gala dinner was  foreseen out of Florence  and therefore  the transfer  has been arranged with a reserved bus. During the dinner , has taken place the raffle  in which the various  members have given the prizes , books, paintings, scroll,  raw stones , cleaned stones , stones with daiza  and various other things .
At the end of the evening , the awardings and the touching words of Sergio , when the A.I.A.S. plate  in memory of Paola has been granted  to her husband.

Some moments of the gala dinner  :



At dinner , judge and judged, winners and  beatens !


A special welcome to the new members


Remembering Paola, the delivery of the A.I.A.S. plate




The rightful satisfaction of Mr.Sergio Bassi , winner of the A.I.A.S. Trophy for the second consecutive year.


The delivery of the "Paola Gramigni" Mention of Merit to
 Mr. Giuseppe Cordone


Mrs. Daniela Schifano shows with a surprised look  the fine stone won in the raffle  and  granted by Mr. Carlo Laghi

Personally  I can say that , all things considered , the awarded stones  reflect the values  in contest, the various  comments and  the   opinions  point out  also the quality of stones displayed. On Sunday  Mr. Felix Rivera  has  commented all stones in  display and comments, noted  by Luciana and Daniela , will be inserted  in the next  News Letter which will be almost completely dedicated to  the Florence Congress.



Felix comments :  we will read them in the next  Newsletter


Just arrived  Felix has already pupils...


The four Charles : Vanni, Laghi, Scafuri, Galli

Also the  A.I.A.S. Board has been renewed:  we welcome  the new Board member Mrs. Daniela Schifano who already  takes care for us of the AIAS web site.
The A.I.A.S. Trophy 2011 has been assigned  to a landscape stone of Mr. Sergio Bassi , "Unique"
The A.I.A.S. Trophy 2011


Landscape stone

of Mr. Sergio Bassi



The suiseki who obtained the prizes for Category and UBI and IBS awards were:

"Landscape Stones" Category

1° prize to

Mr. Ettore Gardini

"The time... sun water 
and wind
" -

2° prize to

Mr. Carlo Laghi

"Far away summits"


3° prize to
Mr. Giuseppe Cordone
"The lights of the time"
"Shelves" Category 

1° prize to

Mr. Sergio Bassi

"I think about" 

2° prize to
Mr. Carlo Maria Galli
"My land" 

3° prize to

Napoli Bonsai Club

Without name

"Object Stones" Category 

1° prize to

Mr. Giuseppe De Vita


2° prize to
Mr. Alberto Barduzzi
"I am the hearth" 

3° prize to

Mr. Antonio Marino



"Biseki" Category 

1° prize to

Mr. Giuseppe De Vita



2° prize to
 Mr. Giuseppe De Vita
"The island of colours"
 3° prize to
Bonsai Club Castelli Romani
"Autumn's  fruits"
"Stones to admire" Category 

1° prize to

Mr. Marino Nikpal

"The thinking woman"


2° prize to

Mr. Vincenzo Ziliotti



 3° prize to
Mr. Cesare Fumagalli
"To fall in love again"
"I.B.S. Plaque" Award
Judge : Mr. Ezio Piovanelli

Mr. Lorenzo Sonzini

"Landscape Stones" Category

"Clear, fresh and sweet waters"


"U.B.I. Plaque" Award
Judge : Mr. Marino Nikpal

Mrs. Luciana Queirolo

"Landscape Stones" Category

"The kingdom of the two sources"

"Memorial Paola Gramigni"Award

Mr. Giuseppe Cordone

"Biseki" Category

"The sea by night"