Associazione Culturale Valle d'Itria Bonsai

Title : Associazione Culturale Valle d'Itria Bonsai
Language    :  Italiano

The official site of the “Associazione Culturale Valle d’Itria Bonsai” was born with the aim to spread in a correct way the Art of Bonsai and of Suiseki and to teach the cultivation techniques, the working and maintenance of Bonsai. The Club organizes , in every period of the year, exhibitions, courses and workshops, divided by level and opened to everybody . In addition, the Club actively cooperates with the  local Authorities operating in the ambit of the territory’s protection  and of the recovery of stone and wood works of art.

Crespi Bonsai

Title      : Crespi Bonsai
Language :  Italian

The official web site of the Milanese enterprise “Crespi Bonsai” is a real portal for bonsai and suiseki  lovers which as ever puts itself as a meeting point between our culture and the oriental one, contributing in spreading the art of bonsai not as a simple alternative way of cultivating plants, but as an expression of a millenary tradition , which deepen its roots in the oriental world.

We remember, among the so many activities of the enterprise, the publication of the review “Bonsai & News” and the organization  in its spaces of the prestigious “Crespi Cup”.

Beautifulstones : the site of Mr. Martin Pauli

Title      : Beautifulstones - Suiseki The japanese art of stone

Address :

Language : English

Author : Mr.Martin Pauli


The blog of Mr.Martin Pauli dedicated to the japanese art of stone appreciation

Deutsche Suiseki-Gesellschaft

Address   :

Language : Deutschland / English

The official site of the German Suiseki Society

Suiseki Asiatische Kunst mit schönen Steinen : the official site of Mr. Willi Benz

Internet Address :

Language   : Deutschland / English

The President of E.S.A. Willi Benz's official website.

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