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Title      : Immondo - Images from the World

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Laguage    : Italian

Author    : Mrs. Daniela Schifano

Site dedicated to the World of the Peoples , of the Nature, of the Places, of the indefinitely Small: Images taken by the authoress of the site and, for those who have will, some lecture of deepening.

Mrs. Daniela tells us : The Himba of Namibia, the ochre people.

…… The Himba , both men and women , adorn themselves in order to indicate the social condition. The youngest for example, adorn the hairs in two plaits turning ahead; when arrived at puberty, they can untie the hairs in many plaits. The married women add in the head a quaff of antelope skin (omarembe) , which turned behind when she is widow, and she brings between the breasts, always strictly naked a shell(ozohumba) which is fished in the seas of and usually is a family’s Jewel. The clothing consists in a miniskirt with coats of goat’s skin and in necklaces made of skin and iron covered with ochre and mud. Furthermore the Himba women have the habitude to smear their plaited hair and the entire body with a kind of beauty cream obtained mixing butter, ash and ochre: it can happen that they refuse to be photographed until they are not fully adorned!......