Bonsai and Suiseki Lovers of Genoa

Title      : Amatori Bonsai e Suiseki di Genova

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Language : Italian


The Official site of the Club “Bonsai and Suiseki Lovers of Genoa”: the story and the activities of the Club , bonsai and suiseki images  and a section  dedicated to didactics

The club “Bonsai and Suiseki Lovers of Genoa”

The Club “Bonsai Lovers of Genoa” was founded in 1987  in order to gather the enthusiasts of this art in the urban area of this town.

The activity of the Association consisted in holding meetings with bimonthly recurrence , in organizing exhibitions locally, and teaching  activity also with experts of national standard.

With the entry of some suiseki  enthusiasts’ in the ’90, among which Mr.Sergio Malpeli who has been President for long time , the Association became “Bonsai and Suiseki Lovers of Genoa “ and, thanks  to the numerical  and qualitative increase of members , has had an impulse which  has allowed  to raise the activity level: participations to important national events, in which some members have also been awarded , and organization of seminars for the members  with well known Masters,  culminating in  an organized meeting series  with Mr.Othmar  Auer.

Since the 2005 year , thanks to the  starting  of  the internet web site and to proposal of bonsai diffusion’s  projects, which have allowed to enjoy  a contribution of the Genoa Province , the number of members has increased and impressive exhibitions have been realized with the cooperation of Ligurian Bonsai Associations  and Offices  such the Botanical  Garden, the Villa Serra Consortium , the  Club “Gado” of Osaka  and Mr.  Giovanni Genotti.

In the 2007 year , for the twentieth anniversary of the Club, an important event is scheduled  for September  which will include also the XII IBS Congress and an exhibition of the Ligurian Clubs , with the presence  of  Bokushin, an handwriting school  directed by Mr. Norio Nagayama.