The images of the congress A.I.A.S. 2004

October 16th-17th 2004

The AIAS Congress 2004 and the ESA Exhibition/Congress have together given an extraordinary exhibition in the Crespi Bonsai Centre in Parabiago ( Milan).

The Crespi Bonsai Centre

 Exceptional judges and lecturers, Mr. Willi Benz and

Mr. Guillaumond: respectively President and Vice-president of  ESA.


The Crespi Family together with Mr. Willi Benz, President of Esa,and Mr .Vito Di Venere, President of A.I.A.S., at the opening ceremony of the Exhibition

Il trofeo AIAS 2004

The AIAS Trophy 2004 

to Mr.Claudio Villa

during the awarding ceremony between

Mr. Vito Di Venere, the AIAS President,  and Mr. Marco Favero, AIAS Secretary

 The A.I.A.S. Trophy 2004 has been assigned to  Mr. Claudio Villa

The suiseki classified to the first place in the other Categories :


  The 1st prize for the Category "Landscape Stones" to

Mr. Primangelo Pondini

 The 1st prize for the Category "Shelves" to

Mr.Ulisse Maccaferri 

The 1st prize for  the Category "Object Stones"  to 

Mr. Marino Nikpal

 The 1st prize for  the Category "Abstract Stones"  to 

                    Mr. Marino Nikpal


 The 1st prize for  the Category

"Pattern Stones" to

Mr. Carlo Laghi

The 1st prize for  the Category

"Biseki"  to 

Mr. Carlo Laghi

The AIAS has also assigned two “Merit Plaque” to the stones displayed in the ESA exhibition :

  • Human shaped figure of Mrs. Sarka Cermakova : a stone collected in Liguria by this great friend of ours, one of the most active minds of suiseki in the Ceka Republic.
  • A human shaped stone of  Mr. Karel Serak, Ceka Republic, a careful scholar of the philosophy of traditional suiseki; the Karel's suiseki have a refined elegance and a subdue capacity to evoke, with few hints, images of intellectual poetry.

Merit plaque to a human figure of 

Mrs. Sarka Cermakova

Merit plaque to a human shaped stone of

Mr. Karel Serak