The images of the congress A.I.A.S. 2003

September 13th-14th  2003
Carmagnola (Turin). The  club Bonsainsieme renewed the availability to give us hospitality. The 6th edition of the Annual A.I.A.S. Congress was placed side by side, as on the year 2000, to the exhibition of Bonsai and Suiseki of Bonsainsieme Club's members and of the Region Coordination,and the event, as usually, produced a wide public partecipation.

Mrs. Maria Rosa Bonet e Mr. Jesus Revuelta: the most competent and trained couple of the spanish suiseki, honoured us taking part to the Event with the discerning judgement and a very pleasant lecture.

Il tokonoma

Il trofeo AIAS 2003

Welcome tokonoma at the entrance of the Suiseki section : a Biseki of  Mr. Marco Favero

  The AIAS Trophy 2003 to the Lanscape stone

"Red sunset" of  Mr. Claudio Villa
The AIAS Trophy 2003 was assigned to a landscape stone of  Mr. Claudio Villa :  “Red sunset”; the matter’s features of this specimen (hardness and iron percentage, dark color, quick acquisition of the patina ….) will a recurrent presence in the next years : in facts , since the year 2000, a group of enthusiasts from Romagna joins the Aias and , with them, this typical material, a geological transition between the “palombino” stone and “sandstone”, is collected in the Ligurian-Emilian Apennine area : an "hunting reserve" of very.. secret location.

The suiseki classified to the first place in the other Categories :

  The 1st prize for the Category "Landscape Stones" to
Mr. Carlo Laghi
 The 1st prize for  the Category "Shelves" to 
Mr. ClaudioVilla
  The 1st prize for  the Category "Object Stones"  to 
Mr. Marco Favero
   The  1st prize for  the Category "Pattern Stones"  to
Mr. Carlo Laghi
  The 1st prize for  the Category "Abstract Stones" to 
Mr. Renzo Rabitti
  Special Cup Prize to
Amatori Bresciani Club