The images of the A.I.A.S. congress 2002

October 26th-27th  2002
The AIAS Trophy 2002: the fifth edition was again held in Castelfranco Emilia ( Modena ) in the premises and with the friends of the ABC Bonsai Club.
Trofeo AIAS 2002
  The  AIAS Trophy 2002 to a suggestive object-stone
 "Madame Butterfly" of  Mr.Vito Di Venere.
This stone will also win in 2003 the prize UBI.
The suiseki classified to the first place in the other Categories were :
  The 1st prize for  the Category "Landscape Stones" to the club 
Amatori Bresciani Bonsai
  The 1st prize for  the Category "Shelves" to
Mr. Angelo Attinà
  The 1st prize for the Category "Object Stones"  to
Mr. Renzo Rabitti
  The 1st prize for  the Category "Pattern stones" to
Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri
 The 1st prize for the Categoy
"Abstract stones" to
Mr. Vito di Venere
  Special prize, Cup to
Mrs. Cinzia Battignani