The images of the A.I.A.S. Congress 2000

September 22nd-24th 2000

The third edition of the A.I.A.S. Congress was held, thanks to the kind hospitality of the Club Bonsainsieme, in Carmagnola (Turin).

The new millennium was inaugurated by two exceptional guests : Mrs. Hideko Metaxas and Mr. Willi Benz and madam.  Both in the jury, Mrs. Hideko explained the merits and defaults of each stone to an exceptionally interested public.

That year 2000 was a particular one. A particular stone resulted the winner: a small object-stone. Two features  (dimensions and category) which you do not expect to find in a stone judged as the best Suiseki. Two aspects which, on the contrari, underlined the preciosity of a perfect stone.

The fish stone of  Mr. Ulisse Maccaferri was awarded with the Annual AIAS Trophy 2000.

A small stone which has remained in Ulisse's heart and in the heart of all of us.

Its fascinating and sad story has rendered it internationally know : in the year 2001 the "Ulisse's Fish" represented the AIAS to the in ESA Exhibition in Munich during the 4th World Bonsai Convention (1st-4th June)In the prestigious Exhibition  of Munich, the stone disappeared from its small display table without leaving traces neither of it nor of whom took it away.

1998 : Felix suggested to lighten the display
2000 :  "The Ulisse's fish" wins the AIAS Trophy
Mrs. Metaxas explains the method of evaluation adopted for the judgment.

The suiseki which placed at first place in the various Categories were:

  The 1st prize for the Category "Shelves" to 
Mr. Andrea Schenone
  The 1st prize for the Category "Landscape Stones" to
Mr. Giorgio Ghirotto
  The 1st prize  for the Category "Object Stones" to
Mrs. Mirella Schenone
  The 1st prize for the Category "Abstract Stones" to
Mrs. Chiara Padrini
  The 1st prize for the Category "Biseki" to
Mr.Andrea Schenone